It Never Gets Old


Of course, after I posted The Last 11, I got tagged again!  This set of questions come from a blogger that inspires me so much with his travels, photography, and poetry.  There’s no way I could turn it down! My thanks to RedJim of notyethere for thinking of me and sending a very unique set of 11 Questions.  Once again, I’ll leave the game open to anyone who wants to play.  Leave a link or answers in the comments if you want to play along.  Have fun!

1. Sea or Mountains?

Mountains.  I live in a place surrounded by mountains and I never cease to be amazed at their beauty.  Besides, I’ve never been much of a beach person.

2. Sky blue or Fire red?

Sky blue, but can I have a few clouds?

 3. The Film or The Book?

The book. Always the book!  As much as I love movies, they can never tell a story quite like good old-fashioned printed words on paper.

4. Summer or Winter?

Winter.  I love snow, fireplaces, hot café mochas, and a cat snuggled in my lap.

5. Sounds, smells, pictures or touch?

Pictures.  I’ve always been a very visual person, both in reality and in my imagination.

6. Wild woods or Manicured park?

Wild woods.  I spent a huge part of my childhood in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, where the trees are thick and ferns grow tall.  I’ve never seen anything more beautiful.

7. Do you know where North is without a compass?

No.  I am directionally challenged to the degree of total embarrassment.

8. Paper map or GPS?

Paper map.  I’ve done a lot of traveling in my life and I can honestly say a paper map has guided my every move.  They are far more reliable and they never need a power source.

9. Notebook or Laptop/Ipad/Tablet?

Aside from GPS, I’m a total gadget geek.  I use both a laptop and a tablet.

10. SLR OR Automatic?

Automatic.  Though I wish I knew a bit more about how to use SLR.

11. Leap of Faith or Logical leap?

A little bit of both.  I’m a big believer in balance.  There are moments in life that require logic and moments where the only logical thing to do is take a leap of faith.

- – -

c.b. 2012

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35 thoughts on “It Never Gets Old

  1. I’ve been tagged a total of six times so far for 11 Questions . . . I guess I should just copy/paste it all into a draft post for when I don’t have a post, lol. I love your answers, though. We do have a lot in common XD

  2. Great answers! Our gps frequently lets us down- we tried to “find a restaurant near by” on our last road trip and ended up in a neighborhood in front of someone’s house. But I, too, am directionally challenged, so I keep going back for more punishment.

  3. Great answers. I have been tagged twice and have yet to respond. That post comes out on March 1st and even though I do like answering questions and letting people get to know me better, i don’t always like responding seriously. Sometimes my first answer (in my head) is sarcastic or funny and I don’t want to offend anyone. Either way, I want an automatic SLR! Nikon or Canon.

    • I’m tempted to play, too. Maybe throw in a twist of “two lies and the truth.” ;-)

      My mother would call me out in a second, though. Funny how I’m in my 30s and I still know she’s watching. Lol!

  4. 1. Sea or Mountains?

    Sea definitely. I love mountains and deserts, but I have to be on the sea.

    2. Sky blue or Fire red?
    Well, since yellow wasn’t an option, I’ll go with blue.

    3. The Film or The Book?

    Book, always. A movie is someone else’s imagination, with a book, it’s mine.

    4. Summer or Winter?
    Summer. I love it hot. If the weather is in the 70′s-80′s, I’ll usually head to the desert to warm up.

5. Sounds, smells, pictures or touch?
    I’m a very visual person, so it would have to be pictures. From learning new things to enjoying the pleasure of life, I’m all about seeing.

    6. Wild woods or Manicured park?
    The park was never a consideration. I like my nature to be wild, free and unrestrained.

    7. Do you know where North is without a compass?

    Absolutely, and I always know which direction I’m going. You could drop me onto a street I’ve only been on once, 20 years ago, and I would know where I was and how to get out.

    8. Paper map or GPS?
    Paper map please. The paper map matches the way my mind sees, a GPS just shows where you’re at right then. My mind likes to see the bigger picture, and I often choose the path less traveled. Most GPS’ don’t give you that option.

    9. Notebook or Laptop/Ipad/Tablet?
    Notebook, as in paper.

    10. SLR OR Automatic?
    Automatic. I don’t have the time or the interest to learn all the functions of an SLR. It’s my job to find beautiful and interesting things, find the right shot and composition. It’s up to the camera to capture what my eyes see, don’t waste my time asking me what f/stop I want.

    11. Leap of Faith or Logical leap?
    I’m all about leap of faith, I only use logic to help find an excuse or an alibi after the fact. My life can best be summed up with, “hmmm… I wonder what will happen if I do this”.

    • I love your answers! :-) The best part is I see these answers in every poem you write.

      Your logic for Question 8 is just wonderful. You’re right! Paper maps give you options and allow for curiosity when GPS just wants to get you to a destination.

      As for #9 – I may love my gadgets, but I still love pen on paper the best. No power cord required and it forces me to be patient. ;-)

      Thanks for playing!

  5. Kitty

    Oh, don’t get me started on the GPS!! My husband (who loves the GPS) still thinks that the time we ended up going an hour out of our way and through some seriously questionable neighborhoods on Christmas day was funny. Me? Not so much! Okay, I guess it was a little funny. But I still don’t trust the GPS. And I’m with you on the wild woods. I’m a Minnesota gal. :) Great getting to know you!

    • LOL! :-D Its funny in hindsight – I’d probably freak out, too!

      Minnesota, Wisconsin, it’s all beautiful! I miss the woods and I’m hoping to go back this summer. :-)

      It’s great getting to know you, too!

  6. Great answers, It’s a bit odd to see someone not knowing about SLR, I learnt to take pictures on a manual camera, digital came later and there is a lot to be said for both. SLR is single lens reflex, and refers to the mirror that allows you to see the picture you are taking. In its time it was as revolutionary as digital. :-)

    I like paper maps too, and I am lucky to always know where I am. I have competitions with friends to find this out on walks. Who can get it quicker from switch on. We are even at the moment.

    I am a mix, of techno old school, because I grew up as it all started, so I know it from being a baby.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer. I made them short and sweet so people wouldn’t have to take too much time to reply.


    • My first camera had auto focus, (though not digital!), but I do remember my grandfather using his old Miranda with SLR. I have that camera now and I’m reading up on all the variables that go into adjusting focus. One day I’ll be brave enough to try it out! :-)

      I grew up during the big revolution of mobile communication. I know how to use smartphones, tablets and laptops, but I remember life before them so thankfully I’m not addicted!

  7. “Summer or Winter? Winter. I love snow, fireplaces, hot café mochas, and a cat snuggled in my lap.” It’s fun to see how we continue to be peas in a pod…on some fronts. And then not on others. Fascinating how the blog world brings like minds together. Happy spring?

    • Your comment makes me wish winter would last a bit longer. I love the arrival of spring, but its always so short. Summer here is pretty rough and I always wish it would wait a little longer before heating the place up!

      The nice thing about peas in a pod is they share so much, yet are still individuals. I love how we mesh! :-)

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