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Poeticals VI + Photography

It’s been a while since an end cap at the bookstore has inspired me, but this week a few words reached out and tickled my muse.  Coupled with a little photography, these words have found a home beyond adorning book covers. – – – - – – Fearless story gratitude’s edge Ignore we must darkened […]

Poeticals V + Photography

I. Broken jars catch paradise Fistfuls of nowhere always goodbye Forgotten wrath siren’s bell Inspired by science fiction and mystery novel titles.  II. Inspired by literary and non-fiction essay book titles. Photo by: c.b.w. 2012. – – – c.b.w. 2012

Poeticals IV + Haiku

My muse is again wandering through different mediums and rhythms. Thanks to new book titles on an end cap and a drawing in my sketchpad, poetry abounds. PoeticaI IV: Inspired by a romance novel end cap. Haven gone edge devoured Hours destined addicted twice Honest regret shades surrender – – – Random Haiku: Inspired by […]

I love it when two modes of creativity decide to merge! My muse has wandered between my Poeticals project and the Photography Challenge to create a strange mix of doodling, photography, and poetry. Poeticals III – Words from the covers of mystery novels. Dead shadows phantom jewel Stonecutter eyes black, beautiful Talking bones sly delusion – – – Photography […]

Poeticals II

I. Inner myth sense magic Brave mind crazy fierce Masterpiece open II. Sunless sea blue dawn Willows tremble catching gold – – – “Poeticals” is a series a free-write poems inspired by book and magazine titles.  See where it all began, here. – – – c.b.w. 2012


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