Among the ruins,
stories linger
The ones we know,
and secrets, too
Warrior stones,
fight against time
Bandaged with moss,
chivalrous knights
Guards to a house
held up by faith
Within these walls,
the chorus sings



- – -

Photo: Clonmacnoise, Ireland, c.b.w. 2009
Words: c.b.w. 2014

For My Friend


We must have seemed odd
to those who passed by
Opposites in every way
except on the inside
No need to explain Party of One
I understood you,
and you understood me
as no one else could
Over countless cups of coffee,
we pondered the meaning of life
and other silly things
And let’s not forget the music,
Junip and jazz still sing in my head
We read Maisie Dobbs and F. Scott Fitzgerald,
along with Willa Cather and Steinbeck, too
Ah, the books we treasured
and the stories we shared
I don’t have your picture,
but I’ll never forget your face
Nor how you taught me
the real source of strength
Without you there is an empty space
Thank you for being my friend,
until the very end

- – -

Recently, a dear friend of mine passed away. While the sadness is sometimes overwhelming, so is the joy I have in the memories of the moments we shared.  Our friendship was something really special and I already miss it.

- – -

c.b.w. 2014



Feet off the ground,
dangling down
Clinging to ropes,
that do not bind
A wood plank seat,
my captain’s chair

Nothing but air,
back and forth sway
Wind in my hair,
breeze in my face
Toes to the sky,
heavenly ride

- – -

Photo: Tree Swing in Indiana, c.b.w. 2014
Words: c.b.w. 2014