Van Gogh Never Thought Of This


While strolling through Trafalgar Square, I saw a curious outdoor art display that literally brings art to life.  The National Gallery of London sits at the head of the square and houses some of the art world’s most treasured pieces, including a few paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.  In front of the museum, a multi-story display takes one of his masterpieces and ingeniously fuses impressionism with vertical gardening.


This part of the display shows the original version of the painting, A Wheatfield With Cypress.

Van Gogh’s painting re-imagined with layers of live greenery, (Click on image for full-size view).

To me this is beautiful tribute to the fact that the creative spirit of humanity knows no bounds.

c.b. 2011


2 thoughts on “Van Gogh Never Thought Of This

    • I’m still in awe of it . . . I wonder what else they’ve done on the inside of the museum. Once the rain calms down a bit I’ll have to check out National Gallery to see if they have any more displays like this.


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