The Persuasion of Rain


Today it rained all day long.  The chill in the air ignited a strong need for a cup of coffee as a means to warm up rather than a force of habit.  Rain falls steady, yet soft.  Just enough to keep everything significantly wet, but not soaked.  The air is chilly, but does not bite – its more like a nibble to remind you the summer heat is not to be taken for granted.  Bright umbrellas light up walkways, hoodies hide faces, and those without either run for cover.  Young couples hold hands and huddle close, while old pairs share an umbrella and walk arm in arm.  Chivalry is not dead, just evolved.

Londoners watch the tourists squirm and melt in the rain as they go about their day.  A few drops of water never stopped life before – they go on as if the sun were out and with their umbrellas open as though it were an extension of themselves.  The more prepared visitors don plastic ponchos or carry Union Jack umbrellas both so flimsy, the next gust of wind will spell the end of their efforts to stay dry.  All wander aimlessly for a place to go for a roof and warmth.

Being a tourist, I must admit my feet are wet, my umbrella a joke, and I am questioning why the water just keeps falling, but the experience itself is not one of irritation. London is a bustling city full of busybody natives and scampering tourists that would likely implode if one group or the other never slowed.  The rain seems to persuade an attitude of respite and wins against even the most stubborn personalities. Perhaps, the reason for so many coffee houses and pubs in London is to satisfy the rain’s demand for a tiny bout of peace.


c.b. 2011

6 thoughts on “The Persuasion of Rain

  1. Love the rainy photo. And here we use the coffee shops to avoid the heat. No wonder they are so popular everywhere. There’s always a need for a bit of shelter, companionship and something yummy to drink or nibble on.


    • The photograph in this piece is one of my favorites. I snapped it so fast, I can’t believe it turned out. So far, I spent the bulk of today in a coffee shop. My feet are tired of walking and the rain can’t get me in here. 🙂 It’s nice to slow down and watch all the different people come and go. Lots of inspiration!


  2. I like your visuals: “old pairs share an umbrella and walk arm in arm” and the photo with the archway framing Big Ben. But the phrase that is staying with me is “to persuade an attitude of respite.” Nicely said. Thanks for posting your London observations.


    • Where I’m from rain is always a welcome sight, so to see people running from it and/or treating it as the usual thing forced me to view it in a new way as well. More than once, the rain has reminded me to slow down and take things slowly, (I’m the stubborn personality that happily “lost” in this piece!). Thanks for reading . . . I hope to have more on the way soon.


  3. I read your descriptions over and over as you find beauty in words as Van Gogh did in colors. Speaking of, that Van Gogh ‘change’ was interesting and new artistic ways are amazing but I’m a purist, don’t touch ‘my’ Van Gogh!
    Stay dry and keep on enthralling us, love it!


    • I’m a Van Gogh fanatic, too, but it was still interesting to see a “green” approach. The original has no compare, but the nature nut in me loves to see plants telling a story.

      More to come! 🙂


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