Paying it Forward . . .


Recently, a few bloggers have done me the honor of mentioning my blog and it felt so great, I can’t help but pay it forward. I’m still very new to the blogging arena and the learning curve remains huge, but I’ve met some wonderful writers and personalities along the way.  Every morning I sit down with these blogs and enjoy words of differing perspectives, inspiration, whimsy, and encouragement while I enjoy a cup of coffee.  So here they are in no particular order . . .

TBN Ranch – Everything you ever wanted to know about ranching, horses, and chicken farming.  The writer of this blog has also recently published a book of poetry called “Trail of Trials.”  Click on the link to find out more.

The Everyday Epic – Truly thoughtful posts on the art of writing, the struggles that come with it and the triumphs that make the process worth every step.  And it all comes from a very inspiring and uplifting individual.

Tattered Past – Inspiration for writing, crafts, and nostalgia for the good ol’ days.  Plus, she makes a little critter to help silence the inner critic.  Click to see wonderful scrapbook, art journal, and sewing projects.

Loving Arizona Living – Ever wonder why people brave 100 degree temperatures to live in Arizona?  This blog focuses on everything there is to love about Arizona from tourist landmarks to simple backyard tales.  The desert has a lot to offer and this blog helps you see the beauty of an often barren landscape.

Writer Waitress – Writers are all around us.  They are the cashier that scans your groceries and they are the waitress that serves your food.  This blog is warm, funny, and honest as it explores the life of a waitress who is also a writer, (a darn good writer, too).  What I enjoy most about this blog is how it makes me laugh with every post.

Wings of Wonder – A very inspiring artist posts illustrations and words that always lift my spirits.  Often portrays a very personal and relatable journey of an artist, no matter the medium.

Unbound – Often full of fantastic journal page creations and photography.  Another very invigorating blog full of color, vitality, and inspiration.

Journalization – The blogs that always inspire me the most are those that are incredibly honest.  Every post on this blog conveys a beautiful nugget of truth and most noticeably so on those that involve the Wish Jar.

christywrites – The poetry on this blog is what keeps me clicking every time I see there is a new entry.  The style is unique and the emotion is always very powerful.

Poetry by James R. Dean – Some of the best poetry I’ve read lately is on this blog.  Beautiful odes, ballads, and haikus that call back to a more traditional style of prose.

Lisa Bredmose – Another very honest blog about the inner journey of an artist.  Writing is more than just getting the words out, it’s also about believing in those words.

Roughwaterjohn – Amazing poetry that always has a unique rhythm and evokes wholly original imagery.

There are many more, which means I’ll have to pay it forward again in another post.  My thanks to those above for adding a little something special to each day.  Your thoughts and creativity are very much appreciated and enjoyed.

c.b. 2011

12 thoughts on “Paying it Forward . . .

  1. Thanks for including my site on your list. I feel honored! I still haven’t figured out how to set up a blogroll…lots to still learn…but will plan on visiting the sites you have mentioned.


    • Go into your menu where it says “links” and add a link. When you set up a link, there’s a little box you can check to put it on your blogroll. Piece of cake! You’ve been on mine for a while – you are so inspiring. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for my mention. I’ve already heard from one of your followers and how cool it was to hear a stranger’s comments, I didn’t have to blackmail him with childhood secrets to read my posts! If they all write as well as you I won’t need the library anymore. Write on!


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