What’s Sunday Without a Little Debate?


It’s Sunday, so get on your soapbox or gather around to listen.  There are opinions for everything, counterpoints to every argument, and a positive for every negative.  These pillars of debate all come together in a glowing monument to freedom of speech at Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner.  The idea behind this weekly event revolves around the act of speaking, regardless of what is said or whether there is agreement between all groups.  New ideas mingle with radical points of view, while neutral parties watch words exchange back and forth like tennis balls at Wimbeldon.  The process is the absolute epitome of humanity at its finest.  We aren’t meant to agree on everything, but we owe it to ourselves and everyone around us to respect the ability to harbor and express an opinion.

As I listen, I sometimes feel my temper burning and my intellect challenged, but I always learn something.  There’s always something to consider and stoke my curiosity to investigate further.   For some it’s about being right or wrong, but for me its about making the effort to think with a more open mind.

c.b. 2011


4 thoughts on “What’s Sunday Without a Little Debate?

  1. What a cool idea! This is such a step in honoring other people’s opinions, we need more of it. Wise is the person who can listen with an open mind and disagree with an open heart.


  2. Growing up (actualyy until quite recently) I was of the opinion that for me to be RIGHT I had to convince you that you were wrong should our opinions differ. Luckily these days I can accept that we just have different views. And feel sorry for those who don’t agree with me – after all, they can’t help being wrong. Hahahahah. 🙂


    • LOL! I think some of the speaker share in that philosophy . . . some have been speaking for 20 years and have yet to give up on convincing the masses. 😉 That’s persistent with civility, I suppose.


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