Unhurried breaths
so rare,
almost obsolete
Memory slips,
the meaning lost
Quick steps,
unthinking routine
Too much the same
wonder forgotten
Without feeling
there is no sense
Hold close
to stillness
The moment
will find you

c.b. 2011


6 thoughts on “Disquiet

    • Thanks Cindi! Your comment helps confirm my little experiment was successful. The idea was to play with minimalism, even when surrounded by so much stimulus. My writing is often very wordy, so I thought it would be interesting to do the exact opposite. Thanks for reading! 🙂


  1. Michael

    C.B. — WOW !!! very powerful words.. the different words send my thoughts into wild directions on each reading… Please keep experimenting.


  2. I am having multiple reactions to this poem. First the title “Disquiet”. The dictionary defines disquiet as (n) uneasiness, anxiety, (v) to make uneasy or anxious. I think it is about or was stimulated by coming back to reality after a time of freedom. Wonder forgotten, only temporaily, I hope. Wonder forgotten causes me pain but unhurried breaths and hold on to stillness are beautiful wordings, they are the kernels that must remain flamed inside. LR


    • The title is supposed to have the effect you’re experiencing . . . I’m actually thrilled its working. 🙂 Aside from tinkering with minimalism, the concept behind this was to play with the concept of contradiction and the role it plays in day to day existence.


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