12 thoughts on “Undaunted

  1. This one is incredible. Really. I’m not often stirred by poetry – I can appreciate it as a craft, and I like listening to it more than reading it, usually, but this poem really made me feel something.


  2. Beautifully crafted, but you do make it difficult to comment on what I liked best about it. I read the first two lines and though, oh my, these are already my favorite. Then I read the second two lines, and then they were, then I read the third….. 🙂


    • Thank you! 🙂 You always say the nicest things, (and that always sends me right back to my journal to write some more!). I wrote this in the middle of a wind storm and I like to think the words came to me by way of those lofty gales. 🙂


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