Passing through
absent, asleep
Treading paths
ruts dug deep
Truth grows cold
passive, resigned

Stumbling blind
lost and weary
Simple pleasures
gone, forgotten
The fire wanes
smoke to ashes

Time splinters
past and future
A moment denied
fades, wasted
The spirit bleeds
wounded, broken

c.b. 2011


12 thoughts on “Oblivion

    • It’s interesting that you say that . . . i’ve been reading Emily Dickinson lately. Perhaps her influence over me is stronger than I thought. 😉

      Oooo, my plan to convert you to poetry is almost complete. Muhahahah! 😀


  1. “The spirit bleeds
    wounded, broken”

    This is heartbreaking (spirit-breaking?) and frustrating to me, but that’s amazing poetry. This is the dark one, yes? I love that last line, and the title just fits so well. Lovely and dark.


    • Thank you!

      Yes, this is the dark I mentioned on your last piece, (which I hope everyone reads!). It was time to explore a different emotion, even it is a bit painful. Even darker emotions are beautiful as they are very human.

      It took forever to get the title (that’s the part I struggle with the most) so thanks for giving it the thumbs up. Yay!


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