A Nice Surprise


When I launched my blog, I never expected to receive such a warm embrace from fellow bloggers and readers.  I am so thankful to have connected to so many amazing writers and kind individuals. As if that wasn’t enough, I woke up yesterday morning to find I’ve been given a couple blog awards. How cool is that?


Thanks so much to Kristen Fairgrieve  for considering my blog for such lovely awards.  I’ve never been shy about how much I love her encouraging and heartfelt blog.  If you haven’t already visited her site, please give her a click. She’s sure to make you smile with her Wish Jar and Fun Bunny Fridays.

As per award stipulations, here are seven random facts about me:

1) I’ve been completely lost in several major international cities: London, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome, and Beijing.  A good old-fashioned compass helped me find my way out of the maze every time.  I still take it with me on every trip. Hmmmm . . . this gives me an idea for a future blog post.

2) I swam with sharks in French Polynesia and I still think its the most incredible thing I’ve ever done.

3) I am terrified of snakes.

4) I can’t cook to save my life, but I love to bake (cookies, cakes, brownies, etc).

5) My favorite fields of historical study are Ancient Egypt (the Amarna Period in particular) and China’s Cultural Revolution.

6) I am a film and TV nut.  I watch one or the other every day.

7) I have a knack for getting autographs.  Whether it be musicians, actors, writers, etc. I always seem to find a way to get their signatures if I really try.  My prize is a Season 3 DVD set signed by the entire cast of  The Office (U.S. version).  Hmmm . . . yet another idea for a future post.  It’s a good story!

Now for five bloggers who also deserve the recognition of these blog awards:

1) I’ve given praise to this blog before and I have no problem doing it again.  Random Acts of Writing [+ art] is a truly inspiring blog that combines art with literary quotes and an inspiring outlook on life.

2) The Crowing Crone is a fantastic site that offers beautiful poetry and insightful posts about life and the little things that matter most.

3) I always learn something from reading a post on TBN Ranch.  Whether it be Western/folk poetry, posts about raising chickens, essays on every day life, or lessons on how to care for horses, this blog offers a unique perspective on just about everything.

4) Bonnie James ~ Unbound is one of the most uplifting sites and among the first I visited after launching on wordpress.  She is a true inspiration for creativity, writing, and always sees the beauty in life.

5) Wendy L. Young delivers all the details of what is like to be a writer from the stage of piecing together a rough draft to the accomplishment of publishing a novel.  She is honest, funny, and a very talented writer.  I highly recommend her book, Come the Shadows if you are a mystery fan.

Maybe I’m cheating a little here, but I can’t narrow it down to just five so here is an honorable mention:

Doodlemum is an amazing artist that shares drawings from her sketchbook.  I find her work to be whimsical, soulful, and joyous as she captures the beauty of daily life like no other.

– – –

In order to pick up the awards, you must do the following:

  • Thank and link to the person who nominates you.
  • Share seven random facts about yourself.
  • Pass the award to five more blogger friends.
  • Contact and congratulate the blogs nominated.

Thanks to all these wonderful bloggers for continuing to inspire not only me, but those lucky enough to find you.

c.b. 2011


35 thoughts on “A Nice Surprise

  1. I can’t wait to check out these blogs! And by the way, up until 6 months ago, i couldn’t cook either. But even though I can’t say I honestly enjoy it all that much, it has turned out to be much easier than I thought! 🙂


    • I really tried to learn how to cook last year, but it did not go well. 😉 It’s weird because I’m good at following directions (unless I’m in a kitchen). I think I’ll stick to steam veggies and rice with the occasional bowl of cereal thrown in for good measure.

      Thanks again for thinking of me!


  2. Incorrigible contrarian that I am, I’m going to challenge all of our assumptions.

    Why do we blog? Why do I blog? I remember when the term ‘blog’ was new, and a few individuals had initiated the practice of keeping a journal of sorts – a place where they could put their hobby horses ‘out there’ for the rest of us to see – on the internet. It was novel, it was innovative, it captured the imagination, it attracted readers on an unprecedented scale. By the time I came to it – very late in the day – it had become a phenomenon of mass. WordPress, Blogspot, LiveJournal, and others now existed to accommodate those of us who were not sufficiently IT-savvy to create a blog of our own, and we had all jumped on the bandwagon.

    Why do we blog? Why do I blog? I blog for my ego’s sake, of course, why else! I blog to publicise my writing, to get it known, to be ‘out there’. I blog because everyone else is doing it and, heck, I might as well do it too. I blog because one day, who knows, I might make ‘Freshly Pressed’ and have a long train of comments saying ‘Nice post, awesome pics’. But we are now in a large lake of dilution, our egos attenuated, there are more talkers than listeners.

    Why do we blog? Why do I blog? I blog because I have two important commodities which are almost exclusive to the rich Northern/Western Hemisphere – a computer and time to spare.

    I wonder if the blogosphere is a community at all…

    But on the other hand your ‘Versatile’ and ‘irresistibly sweet’ flags are on my screen, right opposite the comment box where I’m just composing this comment, and I’m beginning to feel that I have been churlish. After all, you have been noticed and appreciated, and that’s no small thing. Plus you ARE one of my favourite bloggers, that has to be said.

    As ever, kind regards,



    • I started blogging because I needed to write. When I finished my novel, I had loads of time on my hands and I needed to fill it. The writing bug bit so hard while completing the first three drafts – I can’t imagine doing anything else but writing! I’d probably still be blogging if no one read it besides my mother, but readers are nice and the community among writers is incredible. I’ve made some great connections and have learned so much from everyone here. I’ll definitely make the argument that there is a community, for there are people I’ve met here and now communicate with outside the blogosphere. This is an amazing era in which people can connect on so many levels. 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoy my blog and I love your thought provoking comments . . . your blog is just as interesting as what you write here. I enjoy visiting your site each day. So no matter the rationale behind it, this whole process really comes down to one thing . . . its fun. 🙂


      • I guess it is, and ‘fun’ is addictive. The trouble is that now I spend a lot more time in the blogosphere than I do attending to my ‘proper’ writing. My one-a-day ‘small stones’ are better than not writing at all, but I have whole projects lying untouched while I attend to my now-daily routine of reading and writing blogs. The daily ‘small stone’ becomes a habit, the compulsion not to let the content of my main web site become stale is an obsession, on top of which my work and domestic chores take time. Meanwhile what has happened to my verse-drama, my two novels in embryo, a handful of unfinished short stories? I could claim that blogging is the enemy of (my) creative writing.

        At least it does keep my brain ticking over.


  3. Congratulations! You deserve it! I finally got those writing books you recommended and they are SO helpful. Since this is my first novel, I need all the help with the revision process that I can get and they have already been invaluable. Thanks! 🙂


    • Yay! I’m glad to hear they are helping you so much. 🙂 The revision process is difficult, but also where you’ll do the most learning as a writer. At least that’s how it was for me. Good luck and keep the updates coming on your progress!


  4. You deserve the awards! I’ve always wanted to cage-dive near great white sharks. It’s on the bucket list. I’m the opposite of you with cooking – I’m a great cook and a terrible baker. We should get together to make a meal sometime! 🙂


    • We would make the perfect team for a dinner party! 🙂

      Ooo, cage diving with Great Whites. Yup, I’d do that! The sharks in French Polynesia were smaller (well, 6 ft isn’t that small), so they didn’t cage us and I’m gad for that. It was a humbling, exciting, and beautiful experience to be among such graceful animals.


  5. You are certainly deserving of any and all awards you receive. Your dedication and drive is so intense, you are blessed with the makings of a writer who makes a difference in the world around her. With your sweet tooth I can see why you like baking!


  6. Congratulations, and justly deserved I might add. 🙂 It’s funny, I’ve always loved ancient Egypt, and the Armana period was my favorite subject. I’ve read everything I could get my hands on concerning Akhenaten, his family, the move to Tel el-Amarna, his ideas and ideals. I think he and I had much in common, for the Aten warms my life and I enjoy its warmth and light. Of course, Abydos gets my curiosity going also, but that’s another story. 🙂


    • We’re two peas in a pod. 🙂 When I was in London summer, I visited the Petrie Museum which has the largest Amarna Period collection outside of Egypt. For a couple of hours I was in heaven, gazing on glass artwork, pottery, and wall reliefs directly from Amarna. Incredible! I wish I could say the Aten and I got along better, but I always get Aten-rash. Lol. 😀

      Have you read “Akhenaten – King of Egypt” by Cyril Aldred? It’s the best book I’ve read on the Heretic King. 🙂


      • Why yes I have (loved it), and any other books I could find on him and his dynasty. Every museum I go to, I always head to the Egyptian section first. 🙂 I no longer have room for them on the boat, but when I was a landlubber and lived in a house, I had several reproduction stele and plaques of some of Armana’s more famous scenes hanging on the walls.


      • I think you’re the only person I’ve ever encountered that has not only heard of that book, but has also read it! 🙂

        On my wall, is a resin relief of Akhenaton and Nefertiti accepting ankhs from the Aten. It’s one of my favorite representations of the royal couple.

        We may have to geek out on Egyptian stuff again . . . I have yet to share my pictures from the Petrie Museum. Stay tuned!


      • There are several depictions of Akhenaten and Nefertiti accepting ankhs from the Aten, both on papyrus and on clay tablets. This is one of my favorites;

        It would be wonderful to geek out on Egyptian stuff and artwork sometime, keep me in mind!


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