15 Years Brings 15 Changes


I was listening to my iPod the other day and it shuffled to a song I hadn’t heard in a while.  When “Real World” by Matchbox 20 started playing, it made me smile and reminisce about a time in my life that now feels so far away.  I was 18-years-old and had just begun to taste the real world as an adult.

I pulled out the actual CD and marveled at the relic.  Matchobx 20’s debut album, Yourself or Someone Like You was one of my favorite albums and served as my soundtrack during my first year of college.  It’s hard to believe that was fifteen years ago, but here I sit as a 33-year-old woman with an old CD in her hands.  I even checked the copyright date to make sure my math was right. Yup, 1996.

I couldn’t help but load the CD in my car for old time’s sake.  This is the band that turned me into one of those people that sing in the car.  I suppose I can credit Matchbox 20 for giving me the license to say “I don’t care if anyone’s watching.”  I still sing in the car and I still don’t care who sees me doing it. To my surprise, I remember all the words to every song.  Driving down the freeway, I belted out “Long Day” and “Push” as if I was some rock star behind the wheel.  Fifteen years later, its still good music.

My little jaunt down memory lane got me thinking about how much in my life has changed since I was eighteen.  I don’t long to be that young again, nor am I saddened by the passing of time. Rather, I’m in awe of how life brings so many changes in such a short period of time.  Between then and now, I’ve gone from being an adult just starting out to an individual who has found her groove in life.

15 Years Brings 15 Changes:

1. Age
Then: 18 and very naïve.
Now: 33 and hopefully a little wiser

2. Living Situation
Then: Living at home and sharing a room with my sister
Now: Homeowner with a writing room all to myself

3. Mode of Transportation
Then: 1991 Chevy Cavalier.  It was my first car and it broke down all the time!  About a year later, I totaled it by rear-ending an SUV.  The SUV was fine, but my car crinkled like a tin can.
Now: 2006 Mini Cooper.  It’s the cutest thing ever.

4. Occupation
Then: Full-time student and part-time salesgirl at The Body Shop.  I sold lotion and gave make-overs.
Now: Full-time teacher and aspiring writer.  These days I barely wear make-up and I’m allergic to almost all scented lotions.

5. Relationship Status
Then: Single and getting over a break-up.  I was three years away from meeting my husband.
Now: Married to wonderful guy and I can’t imagine life without him.

6. Style
Then: Jeans and Birkenstock wannabes
Now: Jeans and Converse sneakers.  I haven’t changed much in this department!

7. Travel
Then: U.S. and Mexico
Now: I have memories of so many beautiful places: French Polynesia, Great Britain (4 times), Ireland, France, Italy, Czech Republic, and China. To think I’ve only just begun!

8. Technology
Then: I had a CD Walkman and a large PC desktop computer.  The monitor alone took up half my desk!  I was hardwired into thinking Macs were not cool and Windows 95 was the best thing out there.
Now: I can’t live without my iPod and I carry a thin, lightweight laptop everywhere.  I’m a full Mac convert and can’t imagine what I ever saw in a PC.

9. Appointment TV
Then: Reruns of Star Trek: TNG, Wings, Newsradio, and Golden Girls.  Reality TV was not part of the vernacular and talk shows were all the rage.
Now: Fringe, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Project Runway, and reruns Star Trek: TNG if I can find it.

10. Communication
Then: I relied on a pager and snail mail, with a bit of e-mail.
Now: I’m fully connected with a smartphone, e-mail, and social networks.

11. Current Events
Then: 9/11 was just the 11th day in September
Now: 9/11 was the day that changed everything

12. Reading Pattern
Then: Mostly textbooks for all my classes. College gives you very little time to read for fun.
Now: Literary and mainstream fiction, along with a smattering of young adult.

13. Writing
Then: Research papers and random bits of poetry
Now: Fiction, (including novels and short stories), blog posts, and poetry

14. Hangout Spot
Then: Barnes & Noble on the East side of town.
Now: Barnes & Noble on the North side of town.  I can’t help myself. I love B&N and the coffee they serve.

15. Direction In Life
Then: Still questioning my identity and course . . .
Now: I know who I am and where I want go!

I can’t imagine what the next fifteen years will bring, but I’m excited all the same.  Life continues to be an adventure I can’t wait to experience.

Where were you 15 years ago?

c.b. 2011


26 thoughts on “15 Years Brings 15 Changes

    • It’s an intriguing thought . . . we are moving so fast in this era. 🙂 I wonder the same thing for myself. I’ll be 48 and who knows where I will and what I’ll be doing. Hopefully, its what I’ve imagined for myself.

      It would be fun to try and predict it!


  1. Change and balance are the essence of life 🙂
    I wish I had stopped, like you, at an earlier point and looked back. As it was, I was far too busy with “more important” things (duh!), and so it took me much longer to figure out where I’m going.


  2. Cindy Archer Photography

    Okay, you and I are meant to be soul mates! 😉 I LOVE and have always loved Matchbox 20. 15 years ago I was 11 and they got me through not only middle school but high school. Every time I’m having a bad day they are what I turn to so I can get out of my funk. Rob Thomas…love him.

    I love your list! It got me thinking about where I was 15 years ago and where I am now. I may have to make a similar list someday.


    • Lol! We must be twins! 🙂

      Rob Thomas is awesome . . . I love his solo albums, too.

      I’ll bet it would be fun to do a list even now – there’s a big difference between 11 and 26. Talk about a rapid shift in life!


  3. I love this! It’s fun to learn more about you. 🙂 Hmmm… 15 years ago I was 20 years old, just starting my study abroad program in Denmark. I had no idea that I was meeting my future husband, a forever best friend, and a whole new world that would change my life. Crazy to think about it! And exciting to imagine what the next 15 years will bring.
    Great post! 🙂


  4. what a fun trip down memory lane! I have many of the same memories — I remember listening to those songs while my mom toted me on roadtrip after roadtrip to find the college for me.
    It doesn’t feel like so long ago that we were teenagers, but I guess a lot has changed (for the better!).


  5. I loved this post! I’ll have to sit down and do one up myself but the quickie version to answer your question: I was 13 and moving back to Connecticut with my family after having spent 2 years in Europe. I started high school that year as well.

    It seems like it was a different lifetime but also as though it had just happened yesterday. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


  6. wow! You got to be kidding me. I wrote something similar, ofcourse not the way you have written, mine’s lame! 😛

    And a song I heard after a long time, made me write a post of the person I was a long time ago!


  7. 15 years ago I had three children in high school and was going to their softball games, gymnastics meets, and track meets and loving every minute of their teenage worlds. As they were contemplating their futures as adults I was carving my own path in the film business. It seems like so very long ago, and the changes that have occurred in all of our lives have been momentous. That’s what living does to us and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Great reflections and keep on growing.


  8. Whew… for my own special reasons I’m pleased [and a little proud] that you are everything you want to be! Fifteen years ago I thought dreams were just dreams, today I know they are… if you’re not willing to take a chance.


  9. Anytime I wake up or happen to be awake around 3AM, I always sing a little Matchbox 20…and I’m sure I always will! I loved your reflections and related to almost all of them. Very jealous you have your own writing room…that’s one I’m hoping to garner in the next 15 years of my life. Cheers to your next 15!


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