Wreck This Journal: Time Flies


My muse must be feeling nostalgic this week as she keeps leading me to things related to time.   When I went through my Wreck This Journal it fell open to a page with directions to document the passing of time.  Both the writer and history teacher in me got down to business on this page.

I’ve never considered myself much of an artist, but I do love to doodle.  On the left side, I got pretty literal and drew a clock and a calendar.  Then, the philosophical/writer part of my brain took over to fill in the quote.  My muse whispered that phrase in my ear and it came out of my pen.  I love it when that happens!

On the right, the lesson plans I keep in my head exploded across the page until I ran out of room. Drawing is not my forte, but for some reason I was inspired to sketch a little picture for each time period.  I have to say I’m a little proud of the doodles I did of the Colosseum and the boat for the Age of Exploration.  Creativity truly does strike in the strangest of places and often asks us to do things we’d normally approach with reluctance.  This page reminded me my muse has the best of intentions and it’s up to me to make sure I’m open and ready to follow her wherever she leads. Otherwise, I’ll never know the magic of a creative moment.

Upon finishing my pages, I looked at them and thought about how small a moment is in the grand scheme of things. It’s amazing how something so small can mean so much if I take the time to recognize it’s value.  Life is all about grabbing onto those moments and making each one as beautiful as possible. There are only so many and they should never be wasted.

– – –

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