Paying it Forward . . . Blogs I Love


It’s been a while since I stopped to recognize some blogs I enjoy on a daily basis.  In the months since I last paid it forward, I’ve been lucky enough to find some fantastic bloggers who brighten my day with poetry, beautiful photographs, and thoughtful posts about the writing process.

Wendy L Young – I’ve mentioned this blog before, but never beyond a quick link.  Wendy is a talented writer with a great sense of humor.  Its been fascinating to follow her as she published her first novel, traveled through the maze of e-book publishing, and now with her most recent endeavor of a new novel.

Write Up My Life – This blog is one of my absolute favorites.  Julie Hedlund is a talented writer who loves to inspire other writers.  She offers fantastic links, observations, and tools of the trade that I find extremely helpful.  On top of that, she writes beautiful poetry and a weekly Sunday Gratitude List that always lifts my spirits.

1 Mere Mortal – This blog has some incredibly beautiful poetry.  New posts are frequent and consistently amazing.

Write Am I – This blogger is a writer to the core.  I look forward to her posts about the struggles and triumphs of an emerging writer.  She has a great sense of humor and determined soul I find very inspiring.  Furthermore, she recently got her first publishing credit with a brilliant short story.  Visit her site for the link!

Simple Relevance – This is a recent discovery and one I wish I found a long time ago.  Cindy Archer posts spectacular photographs, shares wonderful craft projects, and writes lovely posts about what truly matters in life.  Heartfelt and honest, her blog is a beautiful place to go each day.

c.b. 2011