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The last few Wreck This Journal posts highlighted some critical epiphanies, so I thought it was time to be a little more lighthearted.  There are several blank pages in the journal, which I’ve decided are there for me to experiment with my own ideas.  On one of those blank pages I created a little shrine for a few things in life that make me happy.  Aside from family, friends, and a slew of other little joys, these are some of my favorite things that keep me smiling:

The curve of the book makes it hard to read so I’ll fill in a few blanks!

Books . . . make me think.  I’ve had a book in my hand every since I was little girl.  To this day, a lot of my free time is spent reading everything from literature, mainstream, YA, and historical non-fiction.  It’s a passion!  Every evening, I look forward to time with a good book.

Chocolate . . . is a food group (I swear it is).  This will probably be my undoing, but I can’t resist that sweet, smooth, and delectable treat.  It’s almost like I have a relationship with this stuff, (especially Reese’s Peanut Butter cups!).

Movies . . . remind me to dream.  I go to the movies almost every weekend ($5 on Sunday mornings!) and I have a massive DVD collection in my home.  And never mind, what I keep on my iPod!  I love just about every genre as long as its well-made, original, fun, or thought provoking.  Movies take me to another place and let my imagination go crazy.

TV . . . is both good and bad.  I only watch a handful of shows, but once or twice a week I’m glued to the TV.  After a long day of work or a hard day of writing, my brain needs a break!  Currently, I’m watching Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, The Office (sometimes), Once Upon a Time, and Psych.

Crosswords . . . keep me searching for the right words.  Every day after work, I sit down with a bowl of cereal and complete a crossword puzzle.  It’s relaxing and it keeps my mind sharp.  As a writer, I’m fascinated by words and I think its incredibly important to always keep my inner dictionary fresh and updated.

Music . . . is my emotional soundtrack.  My iPod is never more than a couple feet away from me.  It’s filled with playlists for every mood, writing project, or event in my life.  Some of my playlists include: At the Movies, Bluesy Rock, BritFolk, Cheese Factory (essentially this is guilty pleasure music that is cheesy beyond belief), Christmas, Classical, Rainy Day, Running Music, If I Could Dance, Easy Listening, Feel Good Mix, and Feelin’ Fierce.  There’s many more, but this is already sounding a bit crazy!

Barnes & Noble Cafe . . . makes me smile and gives me a place to relax.  Yes, I actually cut apart my coffee cup and pasted it to the page! I spend anywhere from 3 to 4 evenings a week at my local Barnes & Noble.  I love the people, the coffee, and the atmosphere.  This is where I write, relax, and socialize.  It’s like a second home to me and I always look forward to walking through the doors.

What are your favorite things?

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30 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal: Smile

  1. This list includes everything I wish I had time for! 😛

    As a Brit, I didn’t even know about Barnes & Noble until I was at least 18 years old, but now when Grant and I go up to Easton mall in Columbus, my first words on walking in the doors are ‘Let’s go go Barnes & Noble!’ Too bad books are so heavy to take back to Scotland; and too bad I spend all my free time reading in French and Spanish for my course. : (

    Thanks for another great post! It’s good to see that it’s possible to have time to relax with music, movies, tv, books and crosswords!


    • There’s always a few minutes each day to give to yourself. It’s important to refuel every once in a while!

      We may have Barnes & Noble, but Britain has some amazing independent booksellers! If they started putting coffee cafes in some of those shops, I’d never come home! Lol.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


  2. I love your pages of whimsy. So many truths in them. And while I don’t watch television and movies very often, I adore crossword puzzles. Brain games rock and do wonders in jumpstarting my muse.



  3. i love this list! & journalness qualities make me happy.

    ah barnes & noble how i miss you. i am exactly the same only now i live in the uk and somehow… it’s just not the same. i don’t know why. my fav hole-in-the-wall coffee shop at the mo is 40 mins away, green, fair trade, superbly couched and covered with monkeys — but no books.
    seriously, i think it’s a mission.

    on my favorite things… i’m gonna have to say(allthosethingsand)the ocean/forests/ferns/animals and nature in general. rain as well. and wind. and walking when no one else is awake looking at the stars. hiking. being the only still person in a busy place.

    bit of a theme there, but hey.


    • I have another page dedicated to nature. I spent a large part of my childhood in a heavily wooded area trees, ferns, and wild grass filled my field of view. 🙂 Just the thought of so much beauty brings a smile to my face.

      Keep looking at those stars!

      Thanks so much for reading!


  4. What a wonderful list and so you. It has me thinking about mine . . . in comparison there’s very little tv and no movies. Books, Chocolate, Barnes& Noble or Starbucks for a change, along with journaling and mixed-media art or some kind of doodling. Anything so I can have a pen in my hand.
    Thank you for sharing this list. It really has me thinking.


    • Thanks! 🙂

      I wanted to put crafts and doodling, but I ran out of room! I may have to extend this list onto another blank page.

      You’re probably onto something with less TV. 😉 I can’t decide if my TV fandom is a fatal flaw or just plain crazy. Lol.

      Thanks for sharing your list!


  5. You hit on a few of my favorites too – especially reese’s pbutter cups (YUMMM! I already ate them all out of my kids’ halloween stash!) and Barnes & Noble cafe. I LOVE that place. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this – it’s so fun to learn more about you!


  6. Reese’s Peanut Butter cups…I was just polishing off a few as I started ready your post. Unfortunately, no kids came by on Monday night so I’m stuck with a huge bag of them. And they’re even better right out of the freezer!


  7. Great journal page! Since you’ve said you like all genre of movies, here’s one for you that I can’t stop thinking about.
    “The Skin I Live In” (or something like that) with Anthony Bandaras; Spanish-made film with sub-titles. Well-made, artful, full of surprises, not-my-usual genre so I went out-of-the-box on this one, but inventive, engaging….


  8. I haven’t had a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for thirty-odd years…. (not kidding, I can’t find them in Europe). I’ve tried and experimented many times to create similar treats – never got anywhere near how I remember the original. That might be my memory sweetening up things, or my ingredients are too healthy – in any case, now that you bring them up I can taste them.

    Thank you for turning RPBC into a no-calories mental treat 😉


    • The imagination is a powerful tool!

      I think the trick with RPBC is the peanut butter. It’s gritty instead of smooth, which makes a big difference in comparison to similar peanut butter cups. (Clearly, I have thought about this way more than a normal person!)

      When I was in Europe this summer, I have to say I really, really, really missed my Reese’s. I feel your pain!


    • I ran into the same problem in the London neighborhood where I stayed this summer . . . the coffee shop closed at 6 p.m. (and so did everything else!). That was a big adjustment I had to make in terms of my writing schedule!


  9. I knew if I came here I would smile, yep… I was right. All it took was to visualize you cutting up that coffee cup and pasting it on the page. lol, you’re the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Big bookstore cafes – completely agree! Too bad there isn’t one left at my home in San Francisco (just the local indie ones). There’s a certain fluorescent magic and creative safety at Barnes & Noble, isn’t there? Plus, their yummy work fuel, like coffee and hot pretzels… A lovely list.


    • Thanks. 🙂

      There certainly is the feeling of being in a creative cocoon! There are a few cafes around town, plus a slew of Starbucks, but I love my regular B&N. I think its the people that work there and the regulars. It’s easy to be creative when surrounded by such nice people.

      Mmmm . . . tall cafe mocha. 🙂


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