Christmas Cards Already?!


Every year, I look forward to the mad practice of making Christmas cards by hand.  While Halloween has barely passed, I am already knee-deep in crafting this year’s crop of cards.  The process actually began back in September, when I sat down to decide on a design and color scheme!  This year I decided it would be fun to make stockings that could hang on the tree or be used as a decoration in each recipient’s home.  So far, this is what I’ve made:

Click for full-size

Aren’t they cute?  The best part is they are incredibly easy to make!



  • Stocking and tag templates
  • Christmas print card stock
  • Stickers or clip art
  • ribbon
  • rubber stamps
  • black ink pad
  • corner rounder
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • double-stick tape

I knew I was going to make at least twenty cards, so I made a template for the stocking, top “fold,” toe, and heel.  All it took was a few drafts of drawing a stocking shape on a piece of card stock.  To make the “fold,” toe and heel, I traced the stocking onto a piece of copier paper and cut it out.  I cut off the toe, heel, and “fold” and use them to make separate card stock templates.

Use the templates to trace each part of the stocking on various Christmas prints.  Once the pieces are cut, it’s all about mixing the patterns and putting them together with a little double stick tape!  Trim the edges where necessary.  Not even a template can solve the problem of slight irregularities!

For the wording, I pulled out my old Christmas stamps, but its just as easy to write your own sentiments.  Once the words are printed or stamped, trim the card stock.  Find a contrasting color and cut it to a size slightly larger than the text block.  Nip the corners of both layers with a corner rounder.  Attach the text block to the frame, and then attach the entire piece to the stocking.

For a little flare, add a couple stickers or clip art to accent the text block.

Optional: Punch a hole in the upper corner of the stocking. Thread ribbon through the hole along with a to/from tag.  I made the tags using left-over Christmas paper and a tag template.

Stay tuned for a post on Christmas gift tags.  I had a ton of Christmas paper left over so I decided to put it to good use by making my own to/from tags.

Season’s Greetings!

c.b. 2011

43 thoughts on “Christmas Cards Already?!

  1. Susanne

    Those cards are gorgeous. You are so creative. Mine would be a total mess if I even attempted such a thing but I appreciate looking at your Christmas stockings. The recipients of your cards will be delighted, too!


  2. 4leafclover1343

    I can never get my paper cutter to cut straight. Yes I blame the paper cutter and not me. It’s one of those where you zip the blade over it instead of chopping with an arm that comes down on the side. Otherwise I bring out to work and use the industrial cutter. I hope i’ll be able to make cards this holiday as my halloween cards didn’t work out.


  3. You work full time, you’ve written one novel and started a second, you blog regularly, and you are making all your Xmas cards and tags….I’m seriously impressed. When, pray tell, do you sleep?!?These are wonderful!


  4. they are so cute! your friends and family will absolutely love them! I just ordered mine from shutterfly… i know!! but i just can’t find the time to make the 45 cards that I send out, so i’m going to eliminate the stress and take the easy way. You inspire me to make some cute scrap pages with the stockings, though! 😀


    • I don’t think I could do it if I didn’t start so early every year. 😉 Something I love about Christmas is how everyone has their own style when it comes to cards. The diversity is what makes my mantle so pretty at Christmas time!

      I hope you make some stocking pages . . . with your stitching magic those stockings would be adorable!


  5. Sometimes I wish I could dig a hole and pull the lid shut until Christmess has gone away. Strictly speaking I don’t celebrate it. My family and I keep it in fact, but do so in a low key way. I hardly ever send cards, but I get them from my friends, and I guess I do appreciate them. My agent, for example, hand-draws a cartoon for me.

    My best friend is the person whose cards I really appreciate. She lives in London and I live in Scotland, which means we hardly ever see each other. She always finds cards for me which are full of quirky humour, unusual photographs, or unique artwork. The year I left London she sent me a card with a drawing of a sheep on it. The sheep was standing on its hind legs. It was smiling but crying at the same time, wiping its tears with a white handkerchief. It had a crown on its head and a sash over one shoulder. The legend on the sash was:

    ‘Miss Ewe’



    • We tend to avoid the hoopla, too. Making my Christmas makes the holiday a little more special to me. I’m not feeding the retail machine, but rather thinking of each individual as I make the card. 🙂

      I love the card you received from your friend . . . how cute is that! 😉


  6. What a wonderful idea! You make it look so easy that I want to do it too….I just have to control myself—I do tend to take on a bit too much (as I did in my bake-bake-bake Christmas year….I am linking it here in case you or your followers want to see it….Think of it as a cautionary tale about baking Christmas presents in order to simplify…

    Thanks for your great instructions on card making!!


  7. Oh my goodness now you have me wanting to do the same! Hmmm I might have to go find where Hobby Lobby moved to!

    I love Christmas… any reason to spread out the season a bit (like, 2 months!), I’ll take it 🙂


    • I love sending them to you! When I joined the boards I had no idea I would end up with such wonderful life-long friends. It’s been a pleasure knowing you and I hope one day we will get to meet face to face. 🙂

      Merry Christmas to a dear friend. 🙂


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