Project Art Journal: Page 3


Art is often all about letting the moment dictate what ends up on the canvas.  The same is true when it comes to art journaling with a collage technique.  The finished product looks polished and well-planned, but truthfully, this page was created with nothing but whimsy and a willingness to go with the flow.


  • Various printed papers with text and patterns
  • black, beige, and white card stock
  • cotton string
  • silver DMC thread
  • silver eyelets
  • eyelet setter
  • silver accent hinge (most craft stores have these in the scrapbook aisle)
  • brown ink pad
  • hole punch
  • paper piercer
  • needle
  • marker
  • glue stick
  • double-stick tape

Layer 1: Black Frame

Cut a square out of black card stock that is slightly smaller than the paper bag journal page.  Set it aside.

Layer 2: Collage

Cut a square out of white or black card stock that is slightly smaller than Layer 1.  This will serve as the foundation for the collage.  Basically, all the pieces of of the collage will be stuck to this piece!

Find six or seven different printed papers that have text or images.  I used a combination of printed scrapbook papers and pages from old books (the discard pile at the library is a great place to find a damaged book that would otherwise be thrown away.  Why not use it for crafting?)  Rip the papers haphazardly and in all different sizes.  This part is the most fun!

Grab a glue stick and start glueing the torn pieces down in random places on the foundation square.  Make sure they overlap and cover the whole square.  It’s okay if they spill over the edge of the square.  Once the glueing is done, it’s easy enough to take a pair of scissors and trim the excess.

Layer 3: Stitching

Draw a few random curves across the collage.  Have fun and let the curves create themselves.  With a paper piercer poke holes along the lines spacing them as evenly as possible and about the size of a small stitch.  Thread a needle (I used a basic sewing needle) with silver thread and start stitching!  See Page 2 for directions on how to do a solid paper stitch.

Layer 4: Quote Block

Cut out a small black rectangle and a smaller beige rectangle.  Measure and cut a piece of patterned paper that’s a size smaller than the black, yet larger than the beige.  Play with the size until it’s just right for an accent piece.  Attach pattern paper to black rectangle.

On the beige rectangle, pencil in a quote and go over it with a marker.  Crumple the paper and smooth it out.  Lightly drag a brown ink pad over the top to give it an antique look.  Attach quote to the black rectangle.

Situate the quote block onto the collage, slightly off-center.  Lay the hinge on the left hand side and use a pencil to make dots to mark where the attachment holes are located.  Set the hinge aside and use a paper piercer to poke holes.  Re-situate the hinge and use small brads to attach the hardware. The quote block should swing open and closed if all went well!

Use a hole punch to create two small holes on the right hand side, just above and below the corners of the quote block.  Affix eyelets into the holes and secure. Thread cotton string through the eyelets and tie into a little bow.

Attach the completed collage square to Layer 1 using double-stick tape.  Then take the whole piece and attach it to the paper bag journal page using plenty of double-stick tape along the edges and extra support around eyelet holes and hinge attachment.

All done!  Enjoy yet another beautiful page!

– – –

Next time, be ready for loads of embellishments and fancy fibers.  Stay inspired!

c.b. 2011

23 thoughts on “Project Art Journal: Page 3

  1. Another amazing page and instructions. Of course, you Could sew the paper on the sewing machine just remember to use a wide stitch or the paper will just be perforated. I don’t know how the silver thread would work.


    • Thanks, Rita. 🙂

      The thread I used is pretty thick and frays easily – I don’t even want to think about what would happen if I fed it through a sewing machine! I tend to sew everything by hand, whether its fabric or paper. I like the slower pace and the ability to guide the thread with a little more control. 🙂


  2. This is really neat. I’ve been struggling with trying to make a collage using a drawing I just completed as a focal point, but I have a really hard time getting out of the need to have everything just ‘right’…notice that I didn’t use the word perfect. Even tearing the paper makes me nuts. I think I will follow your basic steps and just see how it goes. Thanks!


    • I struggle with the same need for everything to ‘right.’ Doing a collage page almost forced me to let that go and just roll with crooked tears and irregular pieces. Once I stopped trying to make it look a certain way, the pieces just fell naturally into place. Good luck on your project . . . please update your progress! I’d love to see your finished piece! 🙂


  3. Fantastic page – I love the black & beige combination and the three-dimensional touch!

    I can well understand that you don’t want to turn your inspiration into money, but how about sharing it with more than your blog readers by turning a photo of this page into postcards or miniposters – as gifts?


    • Thanks! 🙂

      From a creative standpoint, I think I shy away from selling anything because its something I love to do for fun. In addition, I have so much going on right now I don’t think I could take on another project! The idea is a great one, but I’m a little overwhelmed by other things!


  4. This is nicely done, CB!

    Thanks for giving me an idea with the faux hinge. At first glance, I was thinking that it’s an actual hinge and wondered about the weight. All in all, this piece of craftsmanship is indeed whimsical.

    Also, thanks for introducing me to D.F. Wallace. 🙂


    • The hinge was left over from a scrapbook project and I thought it would be perfect for my art journal. They are handy little gadgets and they come in all different sizes! 🙂

      I hope you continue to enjoy David Foster Wallace. It’s been six years and I’m still thankful to the person who introduced me to his work. 🙂


  5. wordsfromwellie

    I fell in love with your Journal from the very cover! I wondered what the inside would be like and it’s been really good so far but this page, this page is absolutely wonderful! I love it! The quotation is so inspiring. I really admire your creativity. Looking forward to seeing the other pages 🙂


  6. What are Pingbacks? I get some of those and don’t know if I should keep, trash or spam.

    Absolutely love this post. I have started a journal based on your instructions. I have the pages sewn together and just playing around with the cover. A travel journal would be a great gift to give my daughter, that’s my goal. Again, thanks for sharing.


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