The Beginning


First date jitters pulsate through every nerve.

A walk across the parking lot
leads to dinner and destiny.

With a surge of bravery he gingerly
wraps his fingers around hers.

His nervous and tenderly curious face looks to her,
silently searching for acceptance.

She answers with a smile that wonders,
What took him so long?

– – –

This little story comes from a writing prompt known as the 55-word challenge. To my fellow writers and readers I ask, what can you do with 55 words?  Post your stories or links in comments below!  

c.b. 2011

17 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I’ve never tried a 55-word story, but I have written a number of 101-word stories. They’re on my blog, if you care to take a look. 🙂

    By the way, I like the poem. Very sweet.


  2. 55 words, eh, you painted a great picture. here’s mine:

    A child splashing in a puddle
    not a care in the world
    giggling wildly as she
    gets soaking wet.

    Unaware that mother’s
    frustration rises as she watches
    more laundry to do on top
    of everything else.

    The child looks up, smiles
    calls out mommy come and
    play. Would she?
    To hell with laundry, let’s play.


  3. Here’s my shot at it, though it’s not a feel-good one…

    Hot summer day, into the house to cool off.
    She was introduced by mother to visitor,
    Then told, “Go away.”
    Overheard behind her as she walked away, “She’s a cute girl.”
    It felt good to hear a compliment…something new to her.
    “Don’t tell her that!” said with hint of disgust.
    The good feeling is gone…forever.


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