Wreck This Journal: Random Fun


While most pages in Wreck This Journal flick the epiphany switch in my brain, there are some that are nothing more than a good bit of fun.  All too often, the word “fun” is shunned as being irresponsible or immature and that’s always bothered me.  Life is a one shot deal and I intend to have as much fun with it as possible.

In the beginning of the journal there is a page with instructions to poke holes.  I sharpened my pencil and punctured the page from top to bottom.  Even with multiple stab wounds the page still didn’t have enough personality, so I pulled out my box of crayons and got busy.

My first instinct was to turn the holes into sparkling stars in space.  All it took was a little glitter glue and midnight blue!  From there, my inner geek came out and added the opening sequence to Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I’ve always liked the idea of the Earth being a small speck in a very large universe.  There are so many possibilities out there and we are just one of those possibilities.  It’s very humbling, while also awe-inspiring.   Besides that, I spent most of my teenage years obsessed with the adventures of the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 D.

On the flip side of the page, the holes took me in an entirely different direction.  For some inexplicable reason, I envisioned the flecks on a strawberry.  So I went with it and did my best to draw a strawberry around the holes.  While coloring, my train of thought took me to a television show called Qi.  My husband and I watched an episode in London back in 2005 and its always stuck with us.  It’s a quiz/comedy show that calls into question curious facts and trivia with tongue in cheek humor (we’ve since tracked down and watched every episode ever made).  Qi is where we learned a strawberry isn’t a berry, but a drupe.  I couldn’t resist noting that on my journal page.

I’m totally not kidding . . .

There’s nothing like a little random fun to rouse my muse from slumber.  Starships and strawberries could very well be the start of a great story!

– – –

I know I’m a bit early with this week’s Wreck This Journal, but with Christmas rapidly approaching, the next few posts will be a bit more festive in nature.

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c.b. 2011