Understanding SOPA


This week’s internet blackout brought attention to two pieces of legislation known as SOPA and PIPA. I was vaguely familiar with both, but found it difficult to find information that explained exactly how these purposed laws would work.  There are a lot of heavily slanted articles and fierce opinions about the subject on both sides of the fence, which makes it pretty tough to get a straight answer.

While cruising youtube, I found a great video that breaks down the implementation and purpose of both SOPA and PIPA.  The narrator creates visuals and picks apart the wording of the law in a way that makes it really easy to understand.  It is biased, but not in an obnoxious way, so there is still plenty of room to make up your own mind on where you stand.

From Khan Academy:

The fight has only just begun and I’ve heard more blackouts may be on the horizon.  Whatever your opinion, make your voice heard and contact your representative!

c.b. 2012

2 thoughts on “Understanding SOPA

  1. Thank you C.B.! I don’ think this issue will ever go away as long as we have the internet. The best way we can prevent copyright infringement is to take personal responsibility and not endorse or “steal” personal information in the first place.


    • I agree. Its the same common sense that applies in life outside of the internet We don’t just pick up something and take it without paying for it and its not acceptable to plagiarize a term paper because the information is available. This is both a legal and cultural/moral issue that doesn’t have an easy answer. Technology continues to grow at a rate faster than cultural norms can form and adjust.


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