Wreck This Journal: Doodlebug


When Wreck This Journal instructed me doodle on the front pages, I panicked.  I am not much of a doodler, nor have I ever been.  Drawing does not come easily to me and I am, by nature, a planner. Even though my experiences with Wreck This Journal have launched me into the glorious realm of whimsy and nonsense, doodling without a prompt of some kind really threw me for a loop.  I had no idea what to do!

My journal sat open on the table for days without a doodle in sight.  It wasn’t until I thought of the single doodle I once created in my school notebooks that I finally found my inspiration.  The last time I made a “daisy chain” was probably my junior year in college, right before I found myself engulfed in the craziness that is student teaching.  To my surprise, stringing daisies together is just like riding a bike as I could still do it without thinking twice.

Once I finished the daisy chain, the rest fell naturally into place.  The “Warning” at the top of the page reminded me of the Red Alert siren in Star Trek: The Next Generation, so I colored it red and gave the order to raise shields.  After all, the rest of the page needed protection from the explosion of yellow and dark pink.  I added color around all the text and highlighted words and phrases that appealed to me. In addition, I doodled little pieces of writing in reaction to the text and my daisy chain.

At the very bottom, I wrote a phrase that continues to serve as my philosophical moment for this page: One day I’ll learn to live with crooked lines.  That day has yet to arrive, but I’m learning.

– – –

Update: I have to make a small adjustment to my post, January Status Report: 2012 Goals. For Goal #3, I noted I had written 3,654 words in my second novel, but after a very productive day of writing (on Jan 31st), the word count now stands at 4,412. Yay!

c.b. 2012