Project Art Journal: Page 4


After making my Dream Board, it occurred to me that I haven’t posted a page from Project Art Journal in quite some time.  As it turns out, page four includes a rather fitting quotation for the start of the New Year as we ponder our goals and direction for 2012.  Oliver Wendall Holmes and a multi-layer collage come together in a page that looks complicated, but is actually a snap to complete.

Holmes with a touch of Paris


  • Red and black card stock
  • Printed paper scraps
  • Assorted hardware (brads, photo tab, spiral clip)
  • Ephemera, (i.e. stamp/coin)
  • Decorative string
  • tape
  • Double-stick tape
  • Marker
  • Rubber stamp
  • Ink pad
  • Paper piercer
  • Glue dots

Layer 1: Card Stock Foundation

  • Measure and cut out a piece of black card stock that is a little smaller than the paper bag page.

Layer 2: Background

  • Measure and cut out a piece of printed paper that is a little smaller than the black card stock base square.  Attach with double-stick tape.

Layer 3: Side Border

  • Measure and cut a 1½” side border out of red card stock.  Trim to fit the height of Layer 1.
  • Measure and cut printed paper to a size that is a little smaller than red border.  Attach with double-stick tape.
  • Attach to Layers 1 and 2 with double-stick tape, but don’t put tape on the bottom 2 inches in order to allow for the addition of more layers.

Layer 4: Quote Block

  • On a piece of printed paper, write out the quotation in pencil and then go over it in marker.  Cut out the quotation. Tip: Need quotes?  There’s fantastic gadget on iGoogle that scrolls quotations every time you load your page.  I’ve had it a for at least six months and I’ve never seen a double!
  • Measure and cut out a piece of red card stock that is slightly larger than the quote square.
  • Attach quote to red square with double-stick tape.
  • Attach Quote Block to Layers 1-3 in upper left hand corner, about an inch away from the edge to leave room for decorative fibers.

(Are you tired of double-stick tape, yet?  Hey, its better than getting sticky glue stick fingers!)

Layer 5: Stamp Blocks

  • Either stamp a design or isolate a design on a piece of printed paper.  Crumple and tear the edges and lightly drag those edges over a brown ink pad to give it an antique look.  Attach to Layers 1 and 2 with double stick tape, but make sure to slip the corner under the border. Tip: Before antiquing the main piece, test the ink technique on a piece of scrap paper to see how the color reacts with rips and crinkles.  If there’s a disaster, the only thing that gets ruined is a scrap!
  • Attach postage stamp with double-stick tape and consider “fluffing” the edges to give it some character.

Layer 6: Embellishments

  • Slide spiral clip onto the border.
  • Add double-tape to the remaining portion of the border and stick it down to Layers 1 and 2.
  • Choose an interesting coin and attach it using a glue dot.
  • Attach metal photo tab using a brad.  It’s a lot easier to insert the brad if a hole is made with a paper piercer.  Tip: Before doing anything, place the photo tab where you want it and put the paper piercer through the hole on the tab.  That way, the hole is perfectly placed and ready for a brad to lock the tab in the right spot.
  • Grab the paper piercer again and make three evenly spaced holes along the right side of the quote block.  Insert brads.
  • Cut two strands of decorative fibers and run them along the left edge.  Attach the ends on the back of Layer 1, using standard tape.
  • Attach the finished collage to the paper bag page using plenty of double-stick tape.

How easy was that??  Enjoy your page!

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Stay Inspired!

c.b. 2012