February Status Report: 2012 Goals


The second month of 2012 has gone by so fast, I can hardly believe its time again to check in on my 2012 goals. February is typically one of the busiest for my day job, so I didn’t get quite as far on some of my goals as I would have liked, but I’m still very happy at the progress I’ve made this month.

1) Submit five pieces of writing.

I’ve done a bit more research on literary magazines both in print and online that might fit my writing style.  It’s a slow process and I have to keep telling myself that I am accomplishing something by doing painstaking research, even though I haven’t sent anything in just yet.

Research aside, I’ve written a new short story that might have some potential for submission.  I’m in the final stages of revision and should have a final draft in the next two weeks or so. I may post it to see if its working, so stay tuned!

2) Finish minor changes in my first novel.

I got as far as yanking out a previous hard copy draft and opening it up to the section I need to reinsert into the current draft.  After reading through it, I’m contemplating whether it should go back into the same place or if moving it somewhere else would better serve the story. It’ll work either way, but I remain in a quandary. The perfectionist in me is hesitant to do anything until that little knot in my stomach unties itself.  Believe me, I know I need to bite the bullet and just do it.

3) Work on my second novel.

The word count for this month stands at 857. While the word count isn’t nearly as high as it was for January, progress behind the scenes has been monumental.  Much of the work took place in my novel notebook, where I created two new characters and constructed a new development in the plot line.  For a while, I found myself battling between the original plan and a new idea that came to me during the writing process.  The word count should actually be around 1600, but I deleted the other half once I made the decision to work with the new scene. I’m really excited about this turn of events and I can’t wait to see where it takes the rest of the story.

Currently, the total word count for Novel #2 stands at 49,561.  The goal of reaching 60,000 by the end of the year is well within reach!

4) Send out five query letters and be ready with a synopsis.

Developments on this goal have only recently materialized.  I’m starting to feel the burn to get moving on this, thanks in large part to an e-mail I received from a friend.  Not only did she dream about the main character in my novel, (which is really amazing), but she had some ideas on what to include in the synopsis and how to structure it.  When I combined her ideas with mine, something finally clicked and I think I have a place to begin.  I’ve set a deadline of March 15 to have a rough draft for the synopsis completed.

5) Keep up with my blog.

Anyone who is a regular reader knows this goal has not been a problem at all!  In terms of posting, February has been my busiest month with 21 posts.  Thank you to all my readers for continuing to stop by to read and leave comments.  Your support is so encouraging and greatly appreciated!

6) Network more with other writers.

I’ve always viewed this goal as the most difficult as it pulls me the furthest out of my comfort zone, but I did make some gains this month:

  • I joined the Fourth Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign via Rach Writes . . . . So far, I’ve networked with 30 new bloggers and completed the first challenge, (see The Call).  The process has been tough for me, but on the whole its been a fun experience.  I’m grateful for the chance to connect to so many wonderful new people and fantastic writers!
  • I joined Pinterest as a means to network with people beyond the blogging world.  If you enjoy crafts and travel pictures, click the red Pinterest button on my sidebar and follow me!  I should warn you, however, that Pinterest is very addictive!
  • My Facebook page continues to grow as I’ve gone from 20 followers to 32.  If you’re on Facebook and would like a direct line to new blog posts, musings of a writer, and cool links, click the like button on my sidebar and follow along.  Feel free to post on the wall!
  • Over on Twitter, I watched my list of followers go from 65 to 81.  I’m hoping to hit 100 by the end of March.  If you’re on Twitter, you can follow me by visiting my sidebar and clicking on the Twitter button.

7) Inspire others to keep writing.

All I can do is hope that I’ve encouraged others to write by visiting and commenting on blogs whenever possible.  They say writing is a solitary act, but the longer I stay in the game, the more I realize this is a team sport!

– – –

c.b. 2012


35 thoughts on “February Status Report: 2012 Goals

    • I can’t get enough of the crafts! There are so many cute penny rug patterns!! Oh, and the upcycle section is amazing – I love finding new uses for old things!

      Good thing its blocked at work or I’d never get anything done! 😉


    • It’s insane! When I started this crazy plan, I had no idea how much would go into it besides actually writing! While its overwhelming, I am enjoying the process and learning as I go. 🙂

      I hope you are doing well with your goals! May March be a banner month for us both.


  1. Awesome, C.B.!! I was curious about your first novel and your plans, so I’m really pleased to see it all here. I’m so excited for the 2nd novel too – incredible how much you’ve accomplished already!
    You continue to inspire me, so be sure that Goal #7 is being achieved. 🙂 Almost every day I remind myself of what you told me last year – that 2 or 3 pages per day of editing is something to be proud of. It sometimes feels like it’s taking *forever*, but I’m nearing the final pages of my manuscript and am pretty darn proud! 😉
    Thanks for sharing, for connecting, and for being an inspiration!


    • I can’t wait to hear more about how your editing is going. 🙂 It is a slow process and its important to remember that or you’ll easily get discouraged. I took an entire year to do the final edits on my first novel, (and I’m still tinkering with it). Writing takes patience! Keep at it!!

      I’ve pulled my query letter and synopsis notes and put them on my desktop . . . tomorrow night after my writer’s group I plan on getting to work! 🙂


  2. Hee hee My lovely former english prof would very much disaggree with “they”–that is, the ones who say writing is solitary. She also tends to think the writer doesn’t count, but that one I disagree with. Personally, I love reading other people’s writing and having my writing read Looking forward to read more here.


    • Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      I love reading both published and unpublished writers alike. We all have so much to learn from one another and enjoy. Fiction is a magical thing and I’m learning to embrace the social element of the writing community. 🙂


  3. Congratulations! You seem to be doing well with all your goals. I agree with you about Pinterest. It is way too addictive! I have been tightly restricting my time there. Actually, now that I have started blogging, Pinterest has become a secondary addiction. As for writing being a solitary thing, it definitely is NOT! I would be nowhere if it weren’t for my writer’s group who has been so encouraging, yet suitably critical when necessary. If it hadn’t been for one member’s suggestion, my second book would still be in the editor’s hands instead of bookstore shelves!

    Good luck with the queries and the synopsis!


    • My first time on Pinterest, I thought my head was going to explode. Its a crafter’s dream! I’m careful about how often I go one because I know I’ll easily lose a few hours if I’m not careful.

      My writer’s group is my lifeline! They keep me going when I want to quit and they never stop inspiring me to reach higher. Your group sounds fantastic and I hope every writer is lucky enough to find a group just like that. 🙂


  4. I joined Pinterest but can’t figure it out. I am so not a visual person!

    Looks like you are making steady progress on your goals, which is the only kind you can make. Congrats!


    • Thanks! 🙂

      Pinterest took a few tries for me to figure out! All it does is give a place to collect pictures you spot on the internet. For me, I love it for pinning craft patterns, funny pictures, and quotations. It’s the ultimate place to store ideas! Once you get the hang of it, there’s no limit to the fun. 🙂


  5. 7) Inspire Others to Keep Writing…you inspire us to keep writing AND keep up with the business of it. Your efforts to get out there, submit, research, learn more and otherwise try to get published serve as example and inspiration and impetus. ONWARD! : )


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