Lucky Seven


I’ve been tagged again, but there won’t be 11 questions this time around, (I’m probably out of answers by now, anyway!).  Many thanks to Traci Kenworth for thinking of me for the Lucky Seven Meme.  I’ve never seen this game, so it was twice as fun to be tagged for the challenge.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to page 77 of your current manuscript or work in progress

2. Go to line 7

3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs as they are written.  No cheating!

4. Tag 7 authors and let them know.

– – –

This excerpt is from an untitled work in progress, otherwise known as my second novel.  Please forgive any horrific grammar and sentence structure errors!  The selection comes from a manuscript that barely qualifies as a first draft and I’ve barely touched it in terms of proofreading or refining.  Its a mess!

From page 77, starting with Line 7:

Ian’s eyes open, shimmering with the brilliance of gemstones.  Reluctantly, I let my hand fall from his face.  “See.”  What I don’t tell him is the break in our connection creates a deep void inside of me.  It’s not an ache like before, thankfully, but the feeling of something missing is unbearable.

“Wow.”  Ian says, but the word barely makes a sound.  One of his hands slides out of his pocket and hovers shyly between us.  “May I?”

I nod with a little smile that tells him I’ve been waiting for him to ask that question all along.

– – –

An interesting sidenote: The story I wrote for Campaign Challenge #2, (Fatespeak)* is starting to turn into a spin-off to this novel.  It wasn’t planned that way originally, but the challenge inspired something so much larger than a piece of flash fiction.  I can’t believe how everything links together so perfectly!  Fantasy is a huge experiment for me and I’m enjoying every twist and turn of the learning curve.

* If you are part of the campaign, I would so appreciate your vote!  I am #90. Here’s the link.  While you’re there be sure to check out all the wonderful entries!  They are truly fantastic!

– – –

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– – –

c.b. 2012


19 thoughts on “Lucky Seven

  1. I like the blurb and your Challenge piece “Fatespeak”. I’ve already voted once. Can we vote more than that?

    Thanks for sending me the Lucky Seven. I will try to get my blurb up by the end of the day. 🙂


  2. Pretty cool!! I like what you’ve written. I can see how the two stories might fit together. Yes, it is amazing how things get related (that’s how Of Prophecies and Promises came to be-a natural sequel to Of Stars and Secrets). I looked at my manuscript, p. 77, line 7, and read from there. The hero, who is a lawyer in Chicago, was on his way to court, but plagued by images of the woman who owns the farm adjacent to his family ranch in Colorado. As typically happens with my writing, I got carried away and ended up reading the next chapter. I really need to finish this manuscript so I can write the third story in this trilogy. Thanks for for the fun “exercise”.


    • The same thing happened to me yesterday – my muse wouldn’t stop and I just kept writing. Sometimes the words are just there – hitting you in the head, begging to be written!

      Come May, that manuscript of yours is going to get some serious TLC. 🙂 Stay inspired!


  3. Lol–glad you like!! It’s been so much fun getting a sneak-peak at everyone’s wip. I think yours draws the reader in right away to wonder what’s going on between them, why it’s half bitter-sweet, half eye-opening romantic. And don’t worry so much about the polish, we were supposed to just leave them alone for this. I’ve since gone back and changed a few lines of mine, added, cut where needed in my manuscript not on my blog, just because I edit as I go.


    • Thanks! This is the first time anyone has seen it, so its good to hear it does have something to draw the reader in. 🙂

      I really enjoyed this exercise. It’s so scary to put something out there that’s not perfect or anywhere close to how we want it to look. The process was very liberating and sets me well on my way to becoming more fearless. Thank you! 🙂


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