Wreck This Journal: Inner Child


I got so excited when I came across the page in Wreck This Journal, that says “Color this entire page.”  For a girl who never met a box of crayons she didn’t like, this page made me giddy right from the start.  While contemplating the blank page, I was instantly reminded of something my sister and I did when we were kids.  My grandmother showed us how to turn a boring piece of paper into a work of art by simply drawing an endless line of curves and curls until the whole page was filled with a random design.  Then, it was all about filling in the gaps with color, in any sequence or color palette.  Who needs a coloring book when you can make your own pictures?

With that in mind, I took a marker and reverted to my nine-year-old self for my journal page.  I made curves in random directions until I ran out of space and then I picked out the brightest colors from my crayon box.  One by one, I filled in all the spaces until the entire page glowed with color.

I went a little nuts with the crayons!

While I never really ignore my inner child for any extended period of time, this page was a nice reminder to hold onto that little girl inside of me.  Children always see the world with so much wonder and curiosity, as if every day is an adventure. I never want to lose that, no matter how old I get.  There is a such thing as having it both ways – I can be a responsible adult who goes to work every day and pays her bills, but I can also be a girl who plays with crayons and marvels at the world around her with an inherent sense of wonder.

– – –

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c.b. 2012


24 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal: Inner Child

  1. I love channeling my inner child! Great journal page. I remember doing things like this. I was a consummate doodler and loved my box of crayons, too!

    PS. Do you remember Doodle Art? I used to love getting those posters for my birthday. 🙂


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the page – perhaps your inner child can come out and play today! Get those crayons out and start coloring!

      I do remember Doodle Art! I worked at a hobby shop while in college and they sold them – I lost count of how many I did during my five years at that place! 😀


      • Interesting! I worked in a hobby shop part time while in high school. I was saddened when it was bought out by a toy company who ended up going bankrupt. It was great to try different crafts – using my 10% staff discount, of course!


  2. Cassie

    1. You’re awesome for getting this far in this book. I think I’m going to do a month challenge on my blog where I do one page everyday. 2. I’m jealous. I love coloring. I may have to color today and make a card or something just to make myself feel better. Pretty picture!


    • Even though she’s slipping away, those golden moments of wisdom still come through. She did the same thing to her “color this page” and it was great to see that she still remembers how to have a little fun. 🙂


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