The Wisdom of Roses


Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful thorns have roses.

– Alphonse Karr

– – –

The first time I came across this quote, I was working in a flower shop where part of my job was to remove the thorns from all the roses.  The task literally shredded the skin on my hands, turning my fingers into a cracked, green-stained twigs.  Flower shops aren’t nearly as glamorous as everyone thinks!  Ah, I’ve digressed.

One morning, I switched the calendar page to a new month, (June, I believe), and Karr’s quote immediately caught my eye.  I never again complained about another thorn I had to remove, because I was reminded to focus on the petals.  The same is true with life in general – thorns are everywhere and can easily fill our view, but they don’t make up the whole picture.

I, for one, believe in roses.

Regent's Park, London, June 2011, c.b.w.

– – –

c.b. 2012

35 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Roses

  1. Had no idea that the thorns were removed. I’ve only been given flowers twice in my life, and once they were roses. Pretty picture. I’m guessing this is in response to the nastiness you experienced yesterday? A suggestion to see life as a glass half-full? Not to let the bad stuff drag you down?


    • Thorns are removed on most roses, except the larger varieties from Colombia, (the thorns on those are huge and “meaty,” making them almost impossible to get off without damaging the stem).

      This post was indeed inspired by yesterday. I may have gone home aggravated, but I went to bed with a much brighter outlook. 🙂


  2. Beautiful picture, wonderful quote, and a fantastic outlook. It’s funny how we complain of things until we see a different way.

    Where I live in Oklahoma we often have lots of humidity and wind. A lot of people who live here complain about it. I know I did! Then I spent two weeks in Phoenix. It was beautiful. It was fun. But it was dry and the wind wasn’t the same. I went into actual withdrawals that I didn’t fully understand until we were driving back and got out of the car in Texas. When the wind and humidity hit, I practically danced in the parking lot. That was nearly 4 years ago. I’ve never been angry at the wind or humidity since!


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