Project Art Journal: Page 8


A great art journal page doesn’t have to be overly complicated.  Sometimes the best pages remind us that less is more when it comes to mixed-media collage.  A few pieces of printed paper, silver stitching, and a few embellishments come together to give a quote by George Moore a beautiful backdrop.

The Key to Travel


  • Printed card stock
  • black card stock
  • tag
  • string
  • key (charm or the real thing!)
  • 2 charms w/ attachment loops or holes
  • postage stamp
  • brown ink pad
  • silver wire
  • silver thread
  • sewing needle
  • double-stick tape
  • standard tape
  • glue dots
  • paper piercer
  • marker

Layer 1: Foundation

  • Measure and cut a square out of black card stock that is slightly smaller than the paper bag journal page.

Layer 2: Pattern Background

  • Measure and cut a square out of patterned card stock that is slightly smaller than Layer 1. Attach to Layer 1 with double-stick tape.
  • Measure and cut a rectangle from a second sheet of patterned card stock that fits from top to bottom and is about two inches wide.  Attach to Layer 2 using double-stick tape.

Layer 3: Quote Tag

  • The tag I used for this page came from the office supply aisle at Target!  Crumple it up repeatedly until it feels “soft,” like cloth.  Then, take a brown ink pad (translucent ink if you can find it) and lightly drag the tag over the ink to make the texture pop and to give it a nice weathered look.
  • Pencil in the quote and then go over it with a marker.
  • Attach to the left side of the page, with a couple pieces of double-stick tape in the middle of the tag.  Let the edges be “free” to add a little dimension.

Layer 4: Stitching

  • Draw a free hand spiral or use a stencil.  Use a paper piercer to poke holes along the the spiral that are spaced with a distance about the size of a standard stitch.  See Project Art Journal: Page 2 for a refresher on stitching instructions.

Layer 5: Embellishments

  • Loop some string through the hole of the tag and string a charm at the same time.  Secure the string, but make sure the charm lays flat.  Don’t trim the string just yet!
  • Attach metal key with glue dots in the upper right corner, horizontally.  Tie the tails of the tag string to the end of the key with a loose knot. Now you can trim the ends or leave them long!
  • Attach the postage stamp near the lower right corner with double-stick tape.  Fluff the edges to give it some personality.
  • Place the second charm so that it overlaps the postage stamp.  Use a paper piercer to poke holes through the attachment loops.  Thread some wire through each hole to secure the charm. Secure the wire ends by taping them down to the back with standard tape.

Attach the finished page to the paper bag journal page with plenty of double-stick tape.

Simple, yet beautiful!  Stay inspired!

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For previous Project Art Journal pages, please visit my sidebar or search for Project Art Journal.  All pages are also posted on my Pinterest Project Art Journal Board.  Click on the red Pinterest button on my sidebar to check it out.

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c.b. 2012


25 thoughts on “Project Art Journal: Page 8

  1. Gorgeous page! The stitching is perfect. I love the quote, too! It would go well on some of my more masculine cards and the stamp set I have that represents travel (a sailing ship, globe, compass, & anchor) Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love this! It’s gorgeous. I tried my hand at scrapbooking once. I liked it but I’m not creative enough. You have to have an artistic eye. You do beautiful work. Great post


    • The most important thing I’ve learned about art/scrapbooking is there’s not such thing as good or bad. Everyone does something different and its not supposed to look like anyone else’s. We are all artists in our own way. 🙂

      Glad you liked the page. It’s amazing what a a few scraps of paper can create! 🙂


  3. I feel like you are pulling me along on this blog journey of writing and exploring. Just read your last four posts. Especially liked your fiction “The Last Page” which sent me back to Wonder Lines.
    You are a talented woman and informed teacher. Thanks for the inspiration to continue reaching into my own creative psyche.


    • I feel the same way about your blog – with every visit I learn something as I follow you on your journey. 🙂

      I’m so glad you enjoyed The Last Page. Something clicked when I worked on that piece and I’m anxious to see where it takes me.


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