It’s The Little Things


Earlier this week, my husband and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary and thirteen years together. Yes, both milestones really do fall on the same day! We did not have a big wedding, which means we don’t have huge anniversary celebrations or spoil ourselves with super expensive dinners. Instead, its important to us to make each day count.  I don’t need jewelry or a bouquet of roses to know he loves me, because he shows me every day by being thoughtful.

When he does give me a gift, it’s usually something that makes me laugh or ties into something I mentioned weeks ago.  This year, he made me smile by drawing one of my very favorite things: Simon’s Cat.  He sketched a scene from a cartoon entitled “Sticky Tape,” because he knows it’s a video I adore and watch repeatedly.

– – –

– – –

How cute is that?

He also threw in an adorable card (with pugs!) and some double-stick tape so I can make some great new collages.  I’ll take a gift like this over flowers any day!

It’s the little things that keep a marriage strong!

– – –

p.s. I got him a long overdue back rub and total authority over the remote control.  As a bonus, I watched Top Shot with him without asking if we could change the channel.

– – –

c.b. 2012