The Guardians


Iron anchors
guard my sight
Thieving mists
loot the light

Strands of beacons
await the call
Flaring to life
when darkness calls

View of Parliament from the South Embankment, London, June 2011, c.b.w.

– – –

c.b. 2012


23 thoughts on “The Guardians

  1. Rebekah

    I’d be thrilled too, if I’d shot that! It’s great, and you really made those words come together in a brilliant way! Wowzer…


    • Will do. 🙂

      This is the first time I’ve done anything in black and white and I’m so please with how it turned out. I’m encouraged to play with it more in the future.

      Thank you for the kind words – you are always so encouraging!


    • Yes, you have. Actually, those very words are the root inspiration for doing this series. Every Sunday I try to put up a few new lines. I’m loving the challenge and its opening up London in an entirely new way. Thank you, my friend.



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