Great Links for Writers


While perusing the blogosphere the last few days, I’ve stumbled upon some great links for writers that I just have to share!

One of my favorite bloggers, The Literary Mom, continues to offer up posts with useful information about the writing industry. In particular, she wrote a great piece that explores the pros and cons of hitting the “Publish” button on a blog post. There are consequences to consider on both sides of the spectrum.  Read her thoughts here: Fiction Writers: Why Hitting The Publish Button on a Post Isn’t Always a Good Thing.  While visiting, check out her recent interview with YA author Melanie Card. Both questions and answers are thoughtful and very enlightening.  Read it here.

As I continue to explore ways to build my platform, Darla McDavid, featured a great new place to extend my online presence with her very informative post on a site called  It takes self-promotion and networking to a new level as it works a bit differently from facebook and twitter.  Social networking can be a bit overwhelming and seems like a nice alternative or simple addition to our already very busy online lives!  Check out her post: Build Your Writer’s Platform with

The site I’ve been perusing the most over the last week is World Literary Cafe.  I first came across it while playing on Twitter and it has turned out to be a phenomenal source of networking connections.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of all it has to offer, but it essentially brings authors, bloggers, and readers together.  There are pay it forward programs, beta reader match-ups, read/review groups and forums, promotion workshops, features on upcoming books from new writers, and loads of news and events in the writing community.  This network is amazing!

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It seems I can’t even make it a week on my adjusted blog schedule.  Here we are on an “off” day and I can’t stay silent!  Hope you all enjoy the links!

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37 thoughts on “Great Links for Writers

  1. Nick Wilford

    Sometimes I feel very nervous about pushing that publish button. Thanks for the links. I will come back soon to explore them in depth as I’m getting tired!


    • My pleasure! It was a great post and I’m happy to share it. 🙂

      I have bookmarked and I plan on getting a site up and running soon. I’m thinking it’ll be a great May goal. 🙂


    • I’ve always been pretty careful about what I post. I usually post pieces I’m fairly certain aren’t going to be submitted as they are. Poetry will always be posted because I’m not looking to publish that at all. Short stories and flash fiction will still pop up because they are great writing exercises that help me warm up for working on my novels. 🙂 I just won’t be posting any excerpts from those novels!


  2. I follow The Literary Mom and caught the post you mentioned. She gave me a lot to consider. I almost wish I’d read it before posting a section of an Unpublished novel! I strolled through the World Literary Cafe. It was quite interesting, very much like something my writers group and I have been considering but dealing only with local writers. Who knows? We might all just join the WLC! I still have to check out

    Thanks for sharing your literary research with us! 🙂


    • I’ve posted things in the past I wish I hadn’t, (in a different place, long before this blog) and those experiences have taught me to be a bit more careful. You never know who is reading and how it might effect publication possibilities. Even still, I post bits of fiction because I like feeling out how readers respond to a certain experiment or writing style. 🙂 Really, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s tough to guess what agents/publishers want or deem appropriate.

      Hope you have fun with WLC. I’ve only begun to dabble on that site and it’s a fantastic resources, especially for learning how to network. 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing those links! I’m glad I read about posting excerpts of my novel and how it could affect publishing later on. Guess I’ll have to put some more thought into what is safe to post before I show off another excerpt. (But, as promised, I will do it! 🙂 )


    • Yay! I think excerpts are fine. If anything it builds anticipation among readers. I think that post is just a nice reminder that there is a line and you have to be careful about crossing it. There are people who post entire chapters and eventually an entire novel, which I always questions. Why give the milk away for free?


  4. I’m curious, if you add up all the minutes in 24 hours, how much time do you spend reading and commenting on blogs, writing yours, tweeting, and posting on FB? Include also the minutes you use to work on your manuscripts, poems, flash fiction, and arguing with your muse. I’m looking at my 24 hours, knowing what I’ve tried to do when I didn’t have on my plate what I have now, knowing I was not nearly as successful as you, and wondering if it is possible, or if I should hang my hopes that I can build the platform I’ve been reading about for 5 years now, and that you’ve been able to construct.


    • It helps to be a speed reader. I learned how to do it in college from a great professor who specialized in reading skills. It’s been a huge help in just about everything I do, from reading, writing, and teaching. 🙂 I’m a fast typer, too

      I’m a bit of a busybody and I like to make the most of every second I have. My day is never dull and there’s always a few minutes to pop on and respond to comment or tweet. 🙂

      Build that platform! You’re a fabulous writer and everyone should be reading your stuff!!


      • I used to read really fast, too, until I became an Academic Language Therapist. Now I break apart words and I think I do look at every letter. It takes me 2 hours, about, to write one of my blog posts. That’s typing (I don’t do it by hand first like I do everything else) and editing, and then hitting that “publish” button. I’m good at typing fast, but sometimes make errors because my space bar thumb is quicker than the rest of my fingers!

        Thank you for the compliment 🙂

        29 days, then shared “brain-picking”. Should be fun!!


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