Wreck This Journal: Make Your Mark


With spring in the air and a new garden blooming on my patio, bright colors and flowers seem to always be on my mind these days.  All the fresh air is also bringing out my inner child, who simply cannot wait to play, (hence my rather whimsical post, Hop and Seek).  Naturally, the inspiration of spring has found its way to the pages of Wreck This Journal.  When I came across a page that instructed me to make handprints or fingerprints, I pulled out my brightest markers and started coloring the tips of my fingers.

Instead of making a random Pollack-like smattering of prints, I decided to “draw” a little picture with only my fingers and thumbs.  As a child, I remember entertaining myself by inking up my fingers with magic markers and making prints all over construction paper.  For some reason, I was fascinated by how I had a built in stamping system on my little hands.  As an adult, I’m no less mesmerized.

My fingers danced across the page, pressing prints one oval at a time until I got a few flowers with a sun-filled sky in the background and a patch of green grass.

Fingerprints Galore!

While the page itself had a pretty clean outcome, the space around my journal was a disaster!  I left prints in places I never intended and my fingers were stained for days, (nails, too).  At the same time, I enjoyed walking around with what I call “artist hands.”  When there’s color left behind from ink or paint it means I’ve been creative and I’m bold enough to wear it proudly.  Art is meant to be seen and so is the creative soul.

From this standpoint, I’m proud to be an adult who isn’t afraid to play every once in a while.  I’ll leave my mark with words, photographs, art journals, and a slew of other creative creative pursuits, but I’m also ready to dabble in coloring books and fingerprint art.

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c.b. 2012