27 thoughts on “Surrounded by Daisies

  1. Green certainly is a good name. We watched a movie that had me thinking about you “Oxford Murders” it had a lot of street scenes and a bookstore named Blakewell’s. I think. Anyway, strange movie but I loved the scenery.


    • I was planning to write a full poem for this photo, but the one line was all that came out. I decided to let it stand alone and it seems to be working. 🙂

      This is one of those shots where everything came together. Light, color, and subject all aligned for a split second. 🙂


  2. What a wonderful photo and memory! It seems like one of MY memories, even though I’ve not been at that spot. I think you’ve touched the archetypal memory bank with your photo and words.


  3. Cindy Archer Photography

    I’ve mentioned before how much I like your pictures…this one just proves further that you have a great eye 🙂


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