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I’m always late on flipping my calendar pages when a new month begins.  Last month, none of my calendars matched the month until around April 12th!  So, I’m actually pretty proud that all of my calendars (2 at work and 1 at home) all say May at the top and its only the third day!  I know this is a stupid subject, but sometimes something as simple as a calendar page can lead to an intense train of thought.

May is looking to be a busy month in terms of my 2012 goals.  On some of these goals, I’m at the point of no return.  Preparation is nearing the end of its course and its time to take the big steps. While I’m driven, its a scary thought to jump into something where I have no experience.  In a sense, I’m asking myself to leave my comfort zone and that’s never an easy thing to do.  It’s like fate was listening to my inner mutterings, because when I flipped my calendar page to May, this is the quote that looked me spare in the face:

If that’s not a sign, I don’t what is.  2012 Goals, here I come.

– – –

This quote also reminds me of a fellow blogger who is embarking on the ultimate “out of your comfort zone” experience.  Check out Crowing Crone Joss and read all about her Grand Adventure.

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c.b. 2012


24 thoughts on “Calendar Wisdom

  1. Same here — I’m hopeless in flipping the leaves on the calendar. I’ll go and do that right now, when I’ve typed this … And how true isn’t that sign!!!
    I had a plan .. not really a goal, but taking pictures of the full moon on Saturday. It’s a perigee moon, which means it appears to be larger than usual. Just looked at the weather forecast for us here, and it turns out it will be overcast …cloudy …rain! Grrr… Mother Nature isn’t always cooperating 🙂 Hope they’re wrong ..the weather people..


  2. A lot of that going around: May 25, here I come!! It is the Chinese year of the Dragon. They require great risk, and offer great reward. They are not quiet beasts, and it is expected that people will push out of their comfort zones this year. Amazingly, for most risks, we look back and say, “That wasn’t so bad!” Here’s to your success and all the other brave people out these ready to push the boundaries!


    • I’m reliant of my phone when I’m not at work, but I still like to have fun calendars. I have one for Twilight, This Day in History, and, of course, quotations. There’s something exciting about flipping the page to see what will represent each month. 🙂


  3. I’m bad at changing calendars, too, and transferring dates onto the next year’s one. I’m glad I have one on my laptop now that has a feature where you can list something like birthdays as an annual event – and it automatically changes to the next day at midnight! The quote is great and is so true, especially for adrenalin junkies! Good luck with your goals. 🙂


    • That’s pretty cool! 🙂 For some reason, I just can’t transfer completely to e-calendars. I have one and I like it, but those old fashioned paper calendars still call to me. 🙂


      • When the kids were little and our weeks were filled with activity, I always had a huge calendar up on the wall, color-coded for each person so we could see at a glance who was doing what when. We did some major renovations a few years ago & took down the wall where I used to hang the calendar. Now, I really don’t have a place to put one and I do miss that! 🙂


  4. I love it when the universe surprises us with the exact message that we absolutely must hear to move forward. You got yours, C.B.!!!
    Long ago now, I was contemplating a job change. I had a bag of the Dove dark chocolate Promises, the ones that have a message printed inside the foil wrapper. I had a 3pm chocolate break every afternoon. Every chocolate I unwrapped had the same message: Be fearless. I took the new job!


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