Project Spirit Journal


In addition to Project Art Journal, I created a journal dedicated to positive and optimistic quotes.  The inspiration came from a stack of vellum printed quotes I’d been stockpiling and a super cute paper tablet full of whimsical and brightly colored paper with a nature theme.

I thought I might share some pages over the next few weeks to pass along the spirit of positive thinking and perhaps inspire the creation of more Spirit Journals.

A little optimism goes a long way . . .

The cover page sums up the overall theme and purpose of my Spirit Journal.

Do you believe?

The quote is one that comes from none other than Vincent Van Gogh.  His quotations are among my favorite and I’ve posted them several times.  It seems fitting that he open Project Spirit Journal with a burst of wisdom.

The key to life? Love.

– – –

What are some of the many things you love?

Stay inspired! If you create a page or choose to carry the message forth, please leave your thoughts in the comments or post a link to your blog.

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c.b. 2012