Poll: To Know or Not to Know . . .


. . .  That is the question.  Since Solitary Confinement was posted, there has been some curiosity regarding the inspiration behind the story and/or the ailment afflicting the character, (via e-mail and comments).  I am usually very hesitant to explain the motive behind anything I write, mainly because I love playing with the idea of ambivalence.  However, given the dark undertones of this piece, I’m a little more willing to share the inspiration and process that went into to creating something that is quite far from my usual bubbly personality.  Though, I will assure you the character is fictitious as is her entrapment on the floor.

Seeing as the story itself was put up for a vote, it seems fitting the explanation behind it should also be subject to reader’s choice.



The results of the poll will determine whether I post an explanation.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts after casting a vote, (just remember to uncheck the little box on the comment form if you do not wish to receive an e-mail for every new comment on this post).

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c.b. 2012