Poll: To Know or Not to Know . . .


. . .  That is the question.  Since Solitary Confinement was posted, there has been some curiosity regarding the inspiration behind the story and/or the ailment afflicting the character, (via e-mail and comments).  I am usually very hesitant to explain the motive behind anything I write, mainly because I love playing with the idea of ambivalence.  However, given the dark undertones of this piece, I’m a little more willing to share the inspiration and process that went into to creating something that is quite far from my usual bubbly personality.  Though, I will assure you the character is fictitious as is her entrapment on the floor.

Seeing as the story itself was put up for a vote, it seems fitting the explanation behind it should also be subject to reader’s choice.



The results of the poll will determine whether I post an explanation.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts after casting a vote, (just remember to uncheck the little box on the comment form if you do not wish to receive an e-mail for every new comment on this post).

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c.b. 2012

15 thoughts on “Poll: To Know or Not to Know . . .

  1. I am liking the audience participation here. I would love to know the inspiration. The ailment could be many things, but I think it is part of the dark mystery of your character, and should remain ambiguous and undefined. The reader can insert his/her imagined illness/experience.


    • I’ve always like blogs that ask for audience input, so I finally got around to learning how to add a poll! 🙂

      I like the mystery, too. Though, from a readers perspective I can see the need for an explanation. 🙂


  2. I’m a bit backlogged in my blog reading. I’m working in order of how they arrived in my emails, so haven’t peeked at more current posts, yet. It will be interesting to see what the voting results will be, although sometimes it’s fun to have a little mystery associated with a writer’s inspirations. Mind you, that is a question that often comes up when a writer meets their readership – “what was your inspiration for…?” 🙂


    • The votes are turning out to be a little closer than I thought they would be!

      I like a mystery, too, but sometimes I like to know what went into creating a story (this is especially true when I watch movies – I love to know all the tricks that go into creating a scene).

      We’ll see how it all turns out next week!


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