For You, Mom


I’m hoping this will make you smile, as it is a little joke based on something you said last week.  The coloring book is brand new and I colored a page just for you, (and so did my wonderful sister).

Love you a lot, Mom!

You’ll get the real thing, along with a cup of coffee and a cookie (all my treat) when we get together for our usual writing session.  You’re an amazing mom and incredible best friend.  Thank you for being such a powerful and loving presence in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day from your perpetual little girl. Love you!

p.s. I still have my original Care Bear stuffed animal from 1983.  And, of course, that’s the bear I colored!

– – –

c.b. 2012


14 thoughts on “For You, Mom

  1. So sweet! It must be fun being able to write with your Mom.

    Care Bears were my niece’s favourite growing up and her parents asked if I would decorate their kids playroom with Care Bears. When they renovated their basement, they carefully removed the painted drywall to preserve my artwork. My kids, too, loved watching the Care Bears when they were little.


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