Poll Update: Solitary Confinement


Preliminary poll results are in for the question of what readers would like me to reveal regarding Solitary Confinement.  So far, full disclosure of the inspiration for the story and the ailment afflicting the main character is in the lead. Here’s what the numbers look like right now:

Did you vote, yet? This is a screenshot, so visit the link below to cast your vote!

Voting will remain open until tomorrow.  I’ll write whatever my readers want to know!

Need to catch up on the short story in question and the poll?  Here are the links:

Solitary Confinement

Poll: To Know or Not to Know

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Meanwhile, I’d like to ask a small favor.  Over the last couple of days, my stats have taken a nosedive, (which could happen for any reason!).  After checking out the forums, I noticed a few people are noting an issue with new posts not showing up on e-mail subscriptions.  If you are not receiving notifications, please let me know so I can work on getting that fixed! Thanks!

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Stay tuned for a new page from Project Spirit Journal!  It’s scheduled for early tomorrow morning. May it inspire you to smile!

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