Project Spirit Journal: Bloom


Sometimes the simplest of quotes say the most important things . . .

Apt advice from a little beaver!

– – –

How are you blooming today?

Stay inspired! If you create a page or choose to carry the message forth, please leave your thoughts in the comments or post a link to your blog.

– – –

Special Note: Due to some changes made by WordPress in the comment section, the e-mail notification box is automatically checked by default.  If you have a wordpress account, you can now switch this off.  To find out how, go here.  Otherwise, be sure to uncheck the box if you do not wish to receive e-mails for every new comment on this post.

– – –

c.b. 2012


26 thoughts on “Project Spirit Journal: Bloom

  1. Sometimes I sit staring at my laptop knowing I have a story wandering aimlessly inside my skull but it won’t make it’s way to the frontal lobes where I can see it…that’s when I feel like a ‘blooming’ idiot!


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