Feeling the Love


My good friend at  Random Acts of Writing [+ art] was kind enough to nominate me for the Reader Appreciation Award.  Her blog is a delight and I highly recommend stopping by to see her lovely photos, artwork, and writing.

Thank you for such a beautiful award!

In order to accept this award I need to do the following:

  1. List something you’ve been up to lately.
  2. Nominate 6 other blogs

That seems simple enough!

My plate is always pretty full, so listing something I’ve been up to lately is a little tricky!  I’ll narrow it down to three items:

  • Every day is about finding a way to work on my 2012 Goals.  I haven’t taken a day off since January 1st and I don’t intend on doing so until each goal is met.
  • The school year is almost over with only a week remaining.  I’m busy preparing my students for final exams and cleaning my classroom.
  • I’m reading like a lunatic lately. My poor Kindle is probably wondering when its going to get a break, while my bookshelves are wondering why three or four books at a time are missing.

Six blog who deserve this award:

Settle and Chase – A beautiful blog of photography and art.  I am always moved by the images captured and created by this amazing artist.

75 Kaleidoscopes – I am in awe of the poetry posted on this blog.  Beautiful lines are posted every day and the inspiration never seems to stop!

Yellow House Cafe – Every post is an incredible piece of writing that digs deep into the subconscious.  Highly inventive, original, and innovative, this blog challenges traditional perceptions of literature.

The View Outside – Easily one of my favorite blogs to read.  Full of humor, inspiration, and witty writing, each day on this site is an adventure for the muse.

Three Daily Delights – Every day, three items of joy are posted as a way to celebrate the simple things that make us smile.  A quick read never felt so good!

J. Keller Ford – I met this author during the Fourth Writers’ Platform Building Campaign and she continues to be an amazing source of inspiration.  She recently had a short story selected for publication and I am so excited for her to see her name in print.  Follow her journey!

– – –

c.b. 2012