Project Spirit Journal: Joy


The secret to life is finding your joy and making it grow . . .

Joy is everywhere, but most of all right inside of you.

– – –

What is your joy today?

– – –

c.b. 2012


42 thoughts on “Project Spirit Journal: Joy

  1. My joy today is sitting on the oceanfront porch of the beach cottage, talking with friends, and watching the gulls and pelicans fish in the blue green water of the Atlantic. And having perfectly cooked fried oysters for lunch. It is easy to deeply feel alive here!


  2. I love sayings, words of wisdom and simple revelations. Thank you for this post, I just received my breath of life. Here’s my piece of joy today :

    “If you love something but choose not to do it professionally, it is not a waste. Because, you know, you still have it. You have it forever.”


  3. How beautiful! And how ironic that you posted this last Wednesday. My joy that day was coming across a little reminder of a promise that things will turn out just the way they’re meant to be (and hopefully the way I’ve been hoping for).


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