Lucky Seven Strikes Again!


The Lucky Seven Meme has landed on my doorstep once again, thanks to Nick Wilford of  Scattergun Scribblings.  Nick is a fantastic writer and his blog is worth a visit.  He writes with so much honesty and humor about the craft of writing and sometimes even treats his readers to wonderful bits of fiction.

Here’s how the Lucky Seven works:

  1. Go to page 77 of your current MS
  2. Go to line 7
  3. Copy down the next 7 lines as they’re written– no cheating!
  4. Tag 7 other writers
  5. Let them know!

For this round of the Lucky Seven, I’m delving into my manuscript for my first novel.  I’ve never posted an excerpt of any kind, so I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

He expected the day to be full of tedious in-office tasks broken up by a field trip to various stores to hunt down DVDs.  It was Tuesday – new release day – and Tessa was sure to have a list filled with titles that would take an entire afternoon to find.  Quinn wasn’t on the agenda, but Noah found himself wishing otherwise.  Sure those green eyes stabbed deep and the old man’s words packed a wallop, but Noah was ready for another round.  Quinn had secrets he wanted to know, even if it meant taking another blow to the bullseye.    

 Justine was working three different lines on the phone, while two people stood waiting at her desk.  She snapped her fingers and held up a sticky note when she saw him.  

– – –

The last time I played Lucky Seven, I played by the rules and tagged seven people.  However, we all know I sometimes like to break the rules on awards and tag games.  Yup, I’m still a rebel.  Instead of tagging, I’ll leave it open to anyone who wants to participate.  I highly recommend giving it a shot, as it’s a great way to get over that initial fear of making your work public.  Every writer has that manuscript or piece they guard carefully because they worry about how it will be perceived.  Let the Lucky Seven remind you to be be bold and be brave.

If you choose to take on the Lucky Seven Meme, please leave a link in the comments, so we can all check out your contribution!

Stay inspired!

– – –

c.b. 2012