Gratitude for Sacrifice


People sacrifice their time, put their freedom, and even their lives at risk just to cross or eliminate borders they know are absurd . . . if it weren’t for those in their battle against borders (who) risked everything, the borders would not disappear, but would become a net and all of us trapped insects inside.

– Ivan Klíma

“Spici” (Asleep) by Toyen

 – – –

c.b. 2012


10 thoughts on “Gratitude for Sacrifice

    • In this instance, Klima is referring to the oppressive borders created by the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. Sometimes borders are meant to trap and subdue instead of create order and safety.


    • This pairing is a source of inspiration for a post I’m writing. I was working with something in my journal when I came across the quote. Klima is Czech, so I went looking for a Czech painting that would be a nice compliment. In the process, I found Toyen, who is turning out to be quite fascinating. 🙂


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