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Hugs to Melissa Maygrove for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.  Her blog is fantastic and a must-read for any writer!  Melissa is so encouraging and supportive of her fellow writers.  I’m so glad to have connected with her!

Here are the rules:
1) Thank and link back to the awarding blog.
2) Answer the following 7 questions.
3) Provide 10 random factoids about yourself.
4) Pass it on to 7 deserving blogs.

For once, I’m going to follow the rules.

– – –

Random Q&A:

1) What’s your favorite song?

At the moment, my favorite song is “Sooner or Later” by Mat Kearney.  I find the lyrics to be incredibly motivating as I work on my 2012 goals.

– – –

– – –

2) What is your favorite dessert?


3) What do you do when you’re upset?

I always cry.  It doesn’t matter if I’m mad or sad, I cry when any emotion gets too strong.

4) Which is your favorite pet?

The animals no one else wants.  My two dogs and two cats were all rescued from shelters.

5) Black or white?

Both.  Old movies are the best.

6) What is your biggest fear?

Snakes.  It’s incredibly irrational, but I am utterly paralyzed when I see one.

7) What is your attitude, mostly?

Ridiculously positive and bubbly.

– – –

10 Random Facts

1) I have a green thumb.

2) I know how to cross stitch

3) I am a Star Wars fanatic.  I quote Yoda on a daily basis.

4) I know every line to the movie “What About Bob?”

5) When I eat Hershey’s kisses or miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups, I make a little tin foil ball with all the wrappers.

6) I’m a comic book geek.  Spider-man was my childhood hero and he remains so to this day. I can’t wait for the “The Amazing Spider-man” movie this summer!

7) I can still fit into my prom dress (which I wore 16 years ago and still own).

8) I am fascinated by street art and graffiti, especially in foreign places.

9) I have a collection of coins from all over the world and different time periods.  Some I picked up in my travels and others I bought from a dealer or traded with other collectors.  Its like collecting pieces of history!

10) I like to paint my toenails with crazy colors.  Inside my Converse sneakers there’s a burst of bright purple or a funky shade of orange.

– – –

7 Amazingly Kreativ Blogs:

This Handcrafted Life – Great posts that cover everything from beautiful paper to instructions on how to paint faux marble (that actually looks real!).

My Photography Expedition – Amazing photographs on every topic imaginable.  This week, a post on colorful jellyfish at an aquarium brightened my day.

Five Reflections – I am in awe of the haikus posted on this blog. Every post inspires me to go out there and write three magical lines.

Rustic Recluse – Filled with fantastic travel photographs and informative posts about various places.  In particular, posts about Russia keep me coming back for more.

Robin Coyle – A series about strong words vs. weak words makes this blog a writer’s delight!

Quirkster – Travel around the world through the eyes of one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.  Beautiful photographs meet a unique point of view in every post.

First Fifty Words – Need some inspiration to get out of that writing rut?  This blog posts a new prompt every day!

– – –

c.b. 2012

28 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Love

  1. ~Lady Day

    lol…this was great CB…love to learn about you more…I see we have some big similarities…ah, creative souls. I love them! Congrats and have a great day! 🙂


  2. I really enjoyed reading about you. We have a few things in common – namely rescue shelter pets and tin foil balls. Santa left a note for the kids a few years ago (among the pet supplies he brought) that ‘Maisey’ (the pet we’d visited) was too afraid to ride in his sleigh and we’d have to go pick her up with the car in a couple days. The kids loved it, and she’s been the best dog ever.


    • Oh, what a precious story. 🙂

      Our last dog was an early Christmas arrival. We went to buy toys for the family pets for Christmas and he was with a visiting shelter at the store. The moment we walked in the door he started barking and whimpering and didn’t stop until we came up to him. Two seconds later he was nuzzling in my lap. 🙂


  3. Loved reading about you, especially your toenails! 🙂 Congrats on the award. You deserve it. I also loved hopping around to the other blogs. That was a lot of fun.


    • I may have to post a picture of my fancy toenails! 🙂 Lol!

      Glad you enjoyed the links – these are blogs I haven’t nominated for anything yet, so its fun to give them the spotlight!


  4. Thank you so much for your kind nomination, I am humbled by your kind gesture. I went through your list and really enjoyed many of the links you’ve put up! Congrats too for the award! 🙂 I had a good time thinking about 10 different random factoids – I’ll put up the post soon after! Thanks again!


  5. Great award speech! And thank you for the nomination. I am looking forward to check the rest of your list. Two things . . . I cry over everything too. I cry over Hallmark ads. Also, Baby steps, Bob. Baby steps.


    • Baby stepping down the stairs . . . Success! Lol! 😀

      Just this morning I cried during the morning news. Any time they show a dog who needs a home, I tear up.

      I hope you enjoy the links – they really are great blogs. 🙂


      • I read a recent post from a fellow blogger who wrote about having to put their 12-year-old lab down that day. I sobbed through the whole thing. Then she wrote back to my comment and I sobbed some more. Geez. I am a softy.


  6. Thank you it was great and inspiring to read about you. Humor is the best medicine so they say but did you know it is a proven fact and blood tests before and after a humor workshop prove it to be so.


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