Photography Challenge: Texture


One of my favorite blogs, all the soft places, has posted an interesting creativity challenge where for the next thirty days its all about creating at least one thing a day, (from She decided to take on the challenge through the lens of her camera, which inspired me to do the same.

For each of the thirty days, she has created a topic in which to photograph,  (to see the complete list, please visit her blog, here).  When I read through the list of topics my muse got so excited I knew I had to participate even if on a limited scale.  I love experimenting with my camera, so this is a great opportunity.  My writing schedule is a bit tight, (along with other creative pursuits), but I figure my camera and I can play at least a couple times week with one or more of the list items.  Once a week, I’ll be posting photographs that result from this challenge.

This week I was inspired by the first subject on the list: Capture an interesting texture.  I wandered into my backyard and it was amazing how a place I see everyday literally transformed into something different.  I didn’t just see plants, trees, stones, and ground cover anymore!  Everything begged to be touched and framed by my camera lens.  I experimented with angles and juxtaposing objects that normally don’t go together.  Ultimately, a very familiar landscape became an adventure into the unknown.

After a little tinkering, I ended up with three interesting shots:

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This challenge is a great way to dust off that old camera and dare yourself to see the world in a different way.  If you decide to join in the fun be sure to leave a link in the comments.

Stay inspired!

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c.b. 2012