Photography Challenge: Texture


One of my favorite blogs, all the soft places, has posted an interesting creativity challenge where for the next thirty days its all about creating at least one thing a day, (from She decided to take on the challenge through the lens of her camera, which inspired me to do the same.

For each of the thirty days, she has created a topic in which to photograph,  (to see the complete list, please visit her blog, here).  When I read through the list of topics my muse got so excited I knew I had to participate even if on a limited scale.  I love experimenting with my camera, so this is a great opportunity.  My writing schedule is a bit tight, (along with other creative pursuits), but I figure my camera and I can play at least a couple times week with one or more of the list items.  Once a week, I’ll be posting photographs that result from this challenge.

This week I was inspired by the first subject on the list: Capture an interesting texture.  I wandered into my backyard and it was amazing how a place I see everyday literally transformed into something different.  I didn’t just see plants, trees, stones, and ground cover anymore!  Everything begged to be touched and framed by my camera lens.  I experimented with angles and juxtaposing objects that normally don’t go together.  Ultimately, a very familiar landscape became an adventure into the unknown.

After a little tinkering, I ended up with three interesting shots:

– – –

This challenge is a great way to dust off that old camera and dare yourself to see the world in a different way.  If you decide to join in the fun be sure to leave a link in the comments.

Stay inspired!

– – –

c.b. 2012

29 thoughts on “Photography Challenge: Texture

  1. Fantastic shots. I love looking for the little scenes within the scenes. Now I want to go out and look for fresh ones. This is a great idea and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes you.


  2. Nick Wilford

    Wow, what a great challenge that sounds. Very nice photos. Being inspired to look afresh at what seems familiar is always good. I look forward to seeing more of your shots!


  3. What a great list … I went there and looked at the 30 suggested topics.
    Will be interesting to follow your progress with it! I like all of your three photos, and as much as I love the red brick one, the third one has the best texture in my humble opinion…


    • I like the third one best, too. 🙂 The texture of that log is so interesting – I’ve had it forever (the thing has moved to two different homes!) and its still giving my yard some character.


  4. Ohhh, these are beautiful!! Again, I’m so ridiculously excited that you’re joining in on the adventuring 🙂 And I’m so honoured and appreciative of your support and lovely words 🙂 You are fantastic! Can’t wait to see what else you discover on your photo journeys xo.


    • I’m so excited for this challenge! I am having so much fun – this morning was incredible. I played with water and glass in ways I never thought to do before now! Next week, a friend and I are going to work through your list on a little field trip. I can’t wait!

      p.s. I loved your first round of pics – they were amazing! 🙂


  5. Great shots! I particularly like the one with the brick pavers and the corner of stones. The change in textures and shapes and color makes it sparkle. I can tell I will enjoy this avenue of tickling your muse’s fancy.


    • That brick photo happened because the camera slipped in my hand. I was aiming just for the bricks, but a quick slip allowed me to see the rocks in the viewscreen. Needless to say, the goal of my shot changed and I aimed to include the rocks! 🙂

      I had so much fun yesterday and I can’t wait to share the pictures. 🙂


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