Wreck This Journal: Poetic Whimsy


Sometimes inspiration is a subtle little creature that wanders through your subconscious.  This was the lesson I learned after completing a Wreck This Journal page that instructed me glue down a page from a magazine and circle the words I like.  I dutifully finished this page a long time ago, but the significance of what I had done didn’t hit me until this week.

Grab a highlighter or a pen and start circling words that speak to your muse!

I literally followed instructions and circled words I liked without really thinking that they could or might fit together.  And there they sat for months until I read through them the other day.  To my complete surprise, the words I circled actually fit together to create two interesting little poems.

experience antique country
passion beauties
character past
roamed feisty skies

– – –

symmetry beautiful
flowing array
authentic faux
enable discerning
create luminaries

– – –

Granted, these aren’t perfect lines, (my inner editor wants to revise so badly), but they still have something interesting to say. My voice is there and speaking very loudly!  To me this little exercise really showcases the power of random association and free-writing!  If I’ve learned anything, its the importance of shutting off my filter every now and again in order to explore new possibilities.

Stay inspired!

– – –

c.b. 2012