Where Dreams Wait


On long approach
some dreams fly
Hard to catch
then left behind
They hover above
patient, undaunted
When hope awakens
the spark rekindles

South Embankment, London, June 2011, c.b.w.

– – –

c.b. 2012

14 thoughts on “Where Dreams Wait

  1. What camara are you using? That photo is so clear and dimensional…strange sensation, but I entered the photo and could almost hear the birds and smell the air. Also liked the poetry! I know about the spark rekindling.


    • I use a small Kodak digital camera. It’s nothing fancy. 🙂 This shot was all about the light that day – I must have a hundred shots of the South Embankment, but none have ever turned out like this one.

      May that flame keep burning. 🙂


    • That day was one of 3 sunny days I had during a three week visit! I couldn’t get over how bright it was, so I had to take at least one shot. 🙂

      This year I’m hanging out at home, mainly because I needed to buy a new computer. Next summer, I’ll definitely be heading out of the country! We’ll see where my muse pulls me. 🙂


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