Project Spirit Journal: Sparkle


Life truly sparkles when we remember the thrill lies in the beauty of being alive.

No wonder my day is always full!

– – –

What’s putting some sparkle in your day?

– – –

c.b.w. 2012

26 thoughts on “Project Spirit Journal: Sparkle

  1. Right now, not much. Someone must’ve flipped my bad luck switch to the ‘on’ position. It has not been a good week. But I’m moving on… At least your post was a bright spot. (pun intended–I love the title) 😉


  2. Emily was such a mystic, full of insight into what life on this earth is supposed to be. This is a wonderful page that exemplifies the quote. When we can recognize the miracle of being alive and conscious of our blessings, all the other worries can fall away.
    My sparkle today is another day at Mountain Collegium, an early music and folk music camp. I’ll be playing music all day, and it just doesn’t get better than that!


  3. Yep, love this one, too! Just now beginning to feel what it might be like to “live” again. I’ve missed it. I can imagine how full life would be, so full that there is no room for guessing, doubting; only living from the heart, not the head (which always gets in the way!!)


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