Listening to the Wall: Part 3


Listening to the Wall is a series dedicated to showcasing pieces of student art that helped create an incarnate of the Lennon Wall  in my classroom.

For further information, please visit these links:

Reconstructing the Lennon Wall

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Listening to the Wall: Part 2

The mad rush of quotes on this piece has always made it stand out.  This student graduated this year and I have not doubt she is going take the real world by storm.  Watch out, she’s full of energy and she’s not afraid to show it!

My favorite part about this piece is the statement this young lady makes at the bottom: And never have doubt in me, I’m capable of more than you think. She had unbelievable determination and I often wonder how far its taken her.

The “coexist” portion of this piece gave me proof that my students actually do pay attention when I’m teaching.  I showed a picture of the real Lennon Wall from a few years back (to give them a sense of how it changes) that had the “coexist” image.  This student mimicked it and added a slew of thoughts.

– – –

The writing is small on these pieces, but you can click on the images to view them at full size.

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c.b.w. 2012

15 thoughts on “Listening to the Wall: Part 3

  1. Thank you, again, for allowing me to remember the wonderfulness that is youth-the hopes and dreams that they have (before they become stilted adults!!); brings me renewed faith that if enough humans carry these thoughts in their hearts, then everything will be okay.


    • Well said. 🙂

      Perhaps the key to joy is remembering to foster than inner child. Even as an adult, its okay to remember what its like to have those hopes and dreams. In truth, we should never let go of those feelings in the first place.


  2. So many wonderful quotes. It really shows that there is so much more going on behind the teenage facade. If only they had the courage to show their true selves. hmm That goes for all of us.


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